We are very proud to announce we embraced an amazing journey with a new brand of juicy products, /keil/. Honestly. It’s hard to explain something that comes so natural (yep, this is the brand’s slogan).

Think delicious juice, 5 flavors per season, cold pressed (no, we didn’t know what that meant either, but /keil/ makes it clear in a few words).

Mafalda and Tara approached us asking for exactly what we offer: a network of amazing people with interests similar to theirs, and that would be onboard to make their idea possible. And that’s what they’ll get from A MONTRA / THE WINDOW.

This is their MANIFESTO:

More than a brand, /keil/ is a choice. The choice to be honest, pure and balanced. We give you the superfood for your superself. We create /keil/ because we believe we are powered by what we eat. We handpick the best local grown ingredients and use the king of the Juicing method to bring you the highest quality juices on the market. Our fruit is crushed and pressed in cold. Because we don’t use any heat on the process or pasteurization, we are able to retain more nutrients, vitamins and aromas than any other juice technique. Your ultimate source of vitamins and nutrients comes in 1 simple bottle for you to take it wherever you go. We know how hard it is to be conscious about what you put in your body while busy with the “hastiness” of life. We don’t want you to slow down. We want to boost that eager and be your facilitators through the day. We want to remind people the importance of raw food and offer a supplementary kick of nutrients to catch up with their daily needs. That is why we give you a bottle of delicious cold pressed juice with all the nutrients and enzymes intact. Call it your little magic potion. Except is not magic. Is super food. The purest it can get. A /keil/ juice is LOCAL. RAW. COLD PRESSED. 100% fresh 100% of the time.

The first batch is going to be tested on our launching event, on July 1st. Show up for this delicious treat and stay tuned for more information on this new #fresh brand.

Local, raw, fesh, cold pressed