Cova do Mar is a volunteering project that aims to give the kids of the isolated town of Cova do Vapor, as well as other kids of Setúbal and Lisbon districts, the opportunity of having amazing, rich activities and awesome giving people to invest time on weekends, vacations and other spare time.

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To help, please check the list below and think if you have the opportunity to facilitate any of their needs:

Must Have:
– 90 units of peach/mango/pear juice (200ml)
– 30 units of liquid yogurts
– 30 units of flavoured yogurts
– 60 units of milk, white or chocolate (200ml)
– 60 units of mango/peach/lemon iced tea (200ml)
– 90 units of individual servings of madalenas’ cakes
– 90 units of individual packages of biscuits
– 250 dishes, cutlery, cups
– 4 sun umbrellas
– storage space near Trafaria
– 40 similar hats for the kids

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