I would dare saying that this is one of the reasons why I like this market so much. Location is not what makes us go back (what really ‘grabs’ us is the quality of the products and the friendliness of the people) but it definitely is what takes us there the first time!

The LX Rural farmers’ market is inside LxFactory (http://www.lxfactory.com/), probably one of the most versatile and charismatic areas of the city!

In this “small neighborhood within the neighborhood” we can experience great restaurants, really cool cafes, author shops (decoration, mostly) and, of course, Sunday organic/delicious shopping in this tiny, super cozy market.

BONUS: Directions here.


The aim here is to bring to Lisbon producers we don’t normally find in supermarkets. These producers distinguish themselves by their quality, sustainability, taste and attention to detail. We do not easily find this standard out there… but we find it every Sunday at LX Rural. Initially the market was limited to the concept of “bringing producers from the West”, but it is now getting more and more “national” every weekend.

The highlights

If you are not yet convinced to go next Sunday, I’ll give you a handful of reasons to visit the LX Rural:

1 – The bread stand. When I got home and sliced the carob bread, I immediately felt that “Algarve” smell in the kitchen. Very good, super homemade and not expensive at all! I really wanted to try the broccoli bread. Next time!

2 – The location, as I told you, because I’m such a huge fan of LxFactory and because every opportunity is an opportunity to go back there!

3 – The friendliness of the producers. As the market is so tiny it has this family environment. Everyone knows each other and they end up also knowing their “regulars”. I simply love this personalized service, the trust-based relationship created between vendor and customer.

4 – Homemade sauces. It is not in the video but I passed through this stand that sells homemade sauces! I tried the natural, no preservatives, no sugar ketchup… and I loved it! It’s a great alternative for anyone who is a fan of sauces.

5 – Parking. Unfortunately, Lisbon is a hard city to park your car. The fact that there’s a park inside LxFactory makes life so much easier for everybody! Arriving and parking feels like a small miracle from heaven these days.

Insiders tip

In spite of the parking space, always choose to avoid mealtimes. There are several (and actually really good) restaurants at LxFactory, and during lunch hour, especially, it’s likely that there are too many people for you to enjoy it.

This is it! I really enjoyed this Sunday market. It’s tiny but it has a bit of everything. It has novelty, freshness… and mostly kindness, which is why I always feel like coming back.

Visit it and tell me what you think in the comments!


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Photos & Video by Catarina Lopes.

This post was originally written in Portuguese. Click here for the original text.