Summer is here! At least for those of us on the Northern Hemisphere. And summer is – for most of us – synonymous of beach time. But who can relax thinking about all the animals’ endangered by our consumerism practices? No humane human being, that’s for sure!

So here is our first capsule challenge – and we will be throwing some of these to you as we go: on your next day at the beach, go for a 5 minute walk along the sea line with a bag and pickup any trash you can spot.

Take pictures along the way and a final one to the amount of trash you have collected in 5 minutes and share it on social media using the hashtags #capsulechallenge and #walkthetalk. Bonus points if you recycle after!

If one does it alone it will be a drop in the ocean, but if we all do our part it will make a difference. That’s what A MONTRA / THE WINDOW capsule challenges are about. Click here for more ways of taking part.

We are looking forward to get your pictures!