A versatile, lightweight, flexible and strong handmade pair of shoes made out of a mix of suede, leather and recycled airplane tires soles. Great for a casual walk or a fancy gathering, suitable for both men and women.



The tangerine booties… OMG! That color and design. Who wouldn’t love them!?

Keep in mind that this are artisanal shoes so color and shapes may vary slightly. You can order them here. And don’t forget to order your leather laces here.



Caíque Bon, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, along with his daughters, Iasmine Bon and Mariana Bon, who design the shoes.

Caíque Bon, the maker

Caíque Bon, the maker

This very talented man learned how to make shoes in order to get marry with the love of his life (this story alone would probably be enough for us to love the product). His father-in-law, Seu Ademar, had a made-to-order shoe store where Caíque helped with the molds, worked the leather, glued the soles, sanded and mounted shoes.

Caíque, “a craftsman with skilled hands, a patient way and his own style of creation”, as the brand’s Brazilian website describes him, set up the shop and studio DoCaíque in São Pedro da Serra, in Nova Friburgo in 1982 and from cobbler he turned into an entrepreneur.

More than 400 pairs of shoes, espadrilles, sandals and boots in 45 male and female models are manufactured per month. They now have a ecological line with soles made out of recycled aircraft tires.

His workshop of 140 square meters can be visited and his artisanal manufacturing process can be fully appreciated (look at those wonderful pictures from their global website and tell us you would not take 4 hours of your time to be part of it), and for around 20€ you can participate in the process of making your own shoes.





Their Brazilian website (where you can buy every pair ever made apart of the sustainable collection) describes the brand in the most beatiful way:

“The brand Caíques represents a free and decelerated lifestyle, turned to art, beauty, contact with nature and cultivation of good relations. Above all, the brand maintains its Caíques craft essence, translated in stylish products made with the best raw material that exists: AFFECTION.”



It’s a small family business that started growing, but always kept the same artisanal production that defined it from the begining. It’s a brand proud to create shoes in a mindful manner, through smart design, careful selection of materials, and a beautiful traditional production process.

“We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your morals for beauty.”

“We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your morals for beauty”, you can read all over their social media channels and on their global website, where only the ecological collection is for sale.



All pictures are courtesy of @caiquesshoes. This is not paid content.