SPECIAL EDITION // 4 weeks challenge: Going Paleolithic

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I completed the third week of my challenge and I’m looking forward to finish the last week and repeat the initial measurements. I know that one month is not enough to notice major impact on the numbers, but I’m sure the results will be positive. At least I already noticed some on my well-being, the regulation of my bowel and my abdominal swelling. I also start to notice sleep improvements: I had less difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep at night.

Sleep was one of the topics covered in the 3rd European Congress of Functional Nutrition, organized by Nutricience and held this week at the Congress Centre of Lisbon. I had the opportunity to write about the importance of sleep in another article published in this blog, however, it never hurts to remember that insufficient sleep or poor sleep sabotages any diet or nutritional re-education that requires a person’s fulls attention, therefore, improving sleep quality should be the first step. So guys, get in bed and sleep well!

I leave you my menu for this week. Don’t mind Wednesday: it was a holiday and the morning was spent in bed!


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