I know what you are going to say: there she goes again trying to get us to go in nature walks.

Well, yes. Autumn has arrived and I live in a city where you can really feel it as soon as it arrives. It gets chilly and the trees change colours, in no time there are so many leaves on the ground that you simply cannot resist crunching some under your shoes!

So today we are going to bring a little bit of this autumn spirit inside.


Here’s what your are going to need:

  • Fallen leaves (different colours)
  • A glass jar
  • A small candle
  • Glue
  • Cotton cord

autumn lantern

So the first thing you do is the fun part: go outside and collect fallen leaves! Take some time to go to a local park or just take a walk around the block, anywhere you can find them. Choose some with different sizes and colours, to make your lantern more interesting.
So after you have the decorations is time to start decorating. Now, you can use the glue you have at hand or – if you don’t have any around – you can make your own. Here’s the recipe.

Anyway, just start gluing the leaves around the glass in any way you prefer. If you want your lantern to give more of a dim light, try gluing more leaves and even layering them.

I opted for more of a simple – light friendly – solution. Since I live in a country where the winters get very dark, I made sure I could get as much light from the candle as possible.

After the leaves are glued on the glass, take the cotton cord and lace it around the neck of the jar, making a bow at the end. Now, the only thing that is missing is the candle. Put it inside the jar and light it.

There you go, now go make a cup of tea and enjoy the cosiness of autumn in your own living room. If you have cookies, go get them as well!