November Winds


One thing you should know about Gothenburg is that it gets quite windy! But sometimes it feels good – when it’s not messing your hair and making you even colder. So let’s get into the news this November is bringing to the city. Just remember to put on a scarf around your neck and maybe a beanie on your head. Oh and don’t forget the gloves… winter is coming.


Something to read

The World Without Us

Could you imagine a world without humans? That’s the scenario that this book pictures. In “The World Without Us”, Alan Weisman takes us on a journey to imagine what would happen if humans suddenly disappeared of the face of the earth. Would nature reclaim cities, animals rein amongst new creature. Where to find it? Why not paying a visit to one of the second hand shops all over Gothenburg. They might have it!


Something to visit

Goteborgsstads museum

Do you want to know more about the Vikings? There’s a place you can learn more about their ways and the journeys that they did. Visit Gothenburg’s city museum and pay close attention to the Vikings Exhibition – created when an ancient viking ship was found in the city’s river. Know more about it here.


Something to appraise

The Gothenburg award

This city likes to celebrate sustainable solutions and, as such, an award was created to appraise those who work towards a better future. The is an international award and the official ceremony happens on the 17th of November. You can register to attend on the website.


Something to taste

Olssons Vin

Feeling like running away from the cold? Cosy up inside a wine bar, that is not only sustainable, but also offers a variety of snacks and drinks to your delight. This one is called Olssons Vin and to get there you just have to wander into Tredje Långgatan and find number 7. One important details, this wine bar only accept cards, not cash. Check up the menu on the website:


Something to enjoy

The Hagabade

How good does brunch feel in one of those lazy days? Well Gothenburg invites you just to the perfect place. A palace of relaxation with a sustainable restaurant that serves organic food only. The Hagabadet is mainly a spa, but it’s more than that. Check out the info for brunch on the weekends on the website. Unfortunately is only in swedish but go ahead and google translate it.