This project is meant to put both your hands and your mind to work. Anxiety is a serious business. And some people don’t even realize that what they are feeling is anxiety. Generally people worry too much. I am one of those people. Luckily I have the sweetest boyfriend that helps me to deal with it. But sometimes, I have to be the one to figure it out on my own. My crafts help me a lot, but this one in particular is one step further to more relaxed happy life.

There’s not much secret to it. I’m sure you’ve heard it before: writing down your problems helps solving them. So we are going to create a box to bury all your worries. Yes, a worry box.


Here’s what you are going to need:


  • A box (or cardboard to make one)
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Colouring pens
  • Paper
  • Scissor
  • Glue

material worry box

I cheated – or as I prefer to see it – I reused a box made of cardboard that would be thrown into the recycling. Conveniently, my box had already a small hole in it so it worked perfectly for this project. But if yours doesn’t, just cut one out with the scissors or a rug knife. Also, if you don’t have a box lying around, you can make your own out of cardboard. Here’s how, and you can choose your own mesures, as long as you respect the structure of the cut out.

So box done and hole opened, you are ready to paint! I did a layer coat of white paint, but you can also cover your box with craft paper or even leave it with the cardboard look. After the paint is dry it’s time to decorate. Since I’m not great at drawing, I chose a few cartoons and printed them, to be painted and glues into the box.

Now, one of the important things is to write something that will make you feel compelled to write down your worries and let go of them. I chose little happy monsters so that I felt like I could trust them my worries and they would destroy them. A few quotes might help: “don’t worry be happy” or “worrying doesn’t prevent disasters, it prevents joy”. “Everything is going to be okay” is also a good reminder. Besides the quotes and the little monsters, I also made a few stamp imprints to give it more color.

Then you should create a few cards where you are going to write your worries. I made little stamps on mine so that they looked more uplifting. But what does matter with this project is that you actually give it a try and use it. Just write down what is worrying you right now and put it inside of the box. Don’t look at it again, just toss it in there.

Hopefully it will make you feel better. And if you know someone who can use a worry box, make two of them and invite that person over for a cup of tea (or wine?) and a session of writing and tossing your worries aside.