Since always our lives have been changing with new inventions and disruptive technologies. Every year new tech start-ups get massive investment to bring new ideas and technologies to the market and to our lives. But before we take a look into what’s coming, bear with me and let’s rethink what we have already witnessed and how society has already changed in the past few years.

Do you still remember when Internet was not even a word and all the knowledge you had access to was from people around you, or from your books?! Do you remember when Social Media was not around?! When an unsatisfied customer was just a single person and not a voice that could be “heard” across internet. Do you remember how your life was before having all the power of a smartphone in your pocket?!

Well, as you can see, techies (including myself) are living some exciting times, with a real chance to make a positive impact to people and the world and to help making our lives better and simpler.

In my daily work, I frequently come across new ideas and inventions that stimulate [in my head] all kind of thoughts. I get excited to study and dig in the topic, up to concerned about its impact in our lives. After many interesting talks with friends, I’m now bringing and expanding the discussion to you.

You might have heard before about what is being smoothly introduced in our lives. If you are one of those curious minds, like me, lose yourself thinking about the potential of this new technologies while I briefly describe them.


Augmented reality – What the hell is that [all my friends ask]? Well, it is a fancy name that means a device is increasing value and information to what I’m seeing. As a quick example, think about Pokémon Go were the game places Pokémon’s on your desk through your camera. Or, a bit more advanced, a camera-powered smart glasses or smartphone that shows you additional information about what you are seeing, such as, monument’s description, a product price, you name it. All based on image recognition techniques and a connection to the world wide web.

Are you getting the power of this stuff?


Internet of Things (IoT) – Well, how can I put this?! It is a concept where everything is connected to the internet. From our watch, to our TV, home music player, AC controller and even our fridge. As you might guess, with the right equipment you can already turn on your AC before getting home, watch security cameras or even open the garage from your smartphone. Or you can plug your health devices to internet and allow specialised remote monitoring. Basically, you can use your imagination to describe possible IoT use cases, but when coupled with the next topic the sky is the limit. Check this short video with an amazing real life use case

I like reading fictionMachine Learning – Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking and it may scare some people. Machine learning techniques gives the ability of a computer or any device, such as IoT, to learn based on past experiences and make decisions based on real-time events, just like a human. Well, to be correct, no known machine in the world has general knowledge at the human level, but on specific use cases they showing some incredible [or frightening] results (check Watson). For instance, Facebook can already identify and suggest face tags on your posted photos. Apple and Samsung can already identify objects in your smartphone photos allowing you to search them by text. Google brain can understand your personal profile, what you like, track your position and suggest you new stuff to buy online, events to attend, or articles to study.

Going even further, powered by IoT, it is just a matter of time until your phone suggests automatically what can you do for dinner based in what you have at home, or when the milk is off.


Cryptocurrencies – This one may be the most hard to explain, but highly important since it is already “living” out there. It is not a physical currency with real coins. It is not a government-controlled currency because it does not belong to anyone. It is not stored in any bank, at least not in the meaning of the word as we know today. In simple terms, it is a digital currency distributed and stored across the “internet”. Hard to believe? But that is true and you can already use it to transfer money to another country without paying taxes or being monitored. As a real life example, take a look at bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Now you are one of us, a bit more aware of what technology is bringing to us! What should we do or think about this? Is acceptance the only way of facing these changes?

If you got this far in the reading, you may be one of us that challenge how technology is affecting our lives. For you, please let us hear your thoughts below.

In the next nerdy talk I expect to dive into some of these topics, reflect with you around our data privacy online and how others are selling your “digital life”.


Many thanks and stay tuned!