Halloween has passed and the holidays are around the corner! The countdown starts really on the first of December and we are going to make it a little bit more fun!

You can make this for a family member, a friend, your significant other or for yourself! Why not? If you are the one that usually gets more excited about Christmas, why not make a calendar for yourself.


Here’s what you are going to need:

  • 25 used up toilet paper rolls (or 13 if you have the patience to cut them in half);
  • Glue (I used hot glue and paper glue)
  • Cardboard
  • Black marker
  • Paper
  • Rope (optional)
  • Scissors/rug knife
  • Pencil & eraser


So, you might have noticed that I’m big on using materials that go to the recycling otherwise. This time I used the toilet paper rolls, a cereal box for the cardboard, and recycled paper that I had lying around. The rope was part of some leftovers and I just thought it would be nice to put it to use.

Now, this project is as simple as it can be. If you managed to collect only 13 rolls, it’s fine. You just have the extra job to cut them in half. I found it easier to do it with a rug knife because the scissors folded the roll. I also cut mine in half – no measures needed if you are ok with an uneven scenario in the back of your project. I was totally ok with that because it’s facing the wall. Nobody is going to see it. But if you are more comfortable doing this kind of thing with measures, go ahead and find the middle of each roll. Keep in mind that most of them vary in length by a few millimeters.

Now get your paper and trace 24 circles with the help of one of the rolls. I used a pencil to trace the circles so that I could erase it later. Inside the circles draw the numbers from 1 to 24. I did it by hand with a black marker so it got that rough feeling. You can try it with coloured markers to give it more sparkle!

After your numbers are drawn, cut out the circles. Glue each one of them to the rolls. Choose the part that you didn’t cut yourself so that it creates a flatter look. Since the surface to glue on is so small I used an object to create some weight to the rolls when the paper was getting glued on.

While they dry, you can start building the roof. Yes, this is going to be a little house! So, I measured the width that I thought would look good – just a few millimeters more than the rolls length. Used the hot glue to put the two parts together creating a triangle shape. Now the overture of the roof is going to be determined by the rolls first row. I organized them in rows of 4 because it creates the square shape of a house. But – as always – you are free to do it in anyway you like. Just make sure your roof has walls to stand on.

So now it’s time to glue it all together! Keep adding one roll at a time and make sure the numbers are displayed in the right orientation. To the front. After that is done, you are just a few details away from being ready. If you have rope or some kind of decoration thread that you want to use to give the roof edge some color, go ahead and glue that now. If not – no problem. But a house needs a chimney, am I right, especially in the winter! So, use your last toilet paper roll – uncut – and place it in front of the roof line to trace a mark to cut. You are going to make a diagonal cut so that the roll stands straight in a leaning roof. Glue it on and there’s your chimney! If you want, you can put in a tissue coming out of it to mimic smoke.

You are almost done! Make two small holes on the top of the roof – centered to the back of it – to be able to push a thread through so you can hang your beautiful calendar. Now the good part. The gifts. Keep in mind that this is made with cardboard and the holes in the back and as big as a toilet paper roll. So, they will have to be small gifts, like usb pens, keychains, candy and such. If you really want to put something bigger there, put a paper/card serving as a voucher for the big thing.

Coming December, just remember to have fun with your calendar!

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