With a new year, a new life. Always the same talk…But a new life doesn’t have to literally mean a big change, does it? How about changing the little things? How important that can be! One of the little things I would like to change is my messy head that disorganizes everything around me. I always feel like the house is upside down. Are you also this kind of person?

I’ve come to understand that there are several ways to change this. A friend of mine once told me about Feng Shui, but at that time, despite my interest in it, I didn’t take the first step. And here am I, thinking about it again. If New Year is a time for changes, I’ll try this one! And why start with the bedroom, you ask yourselves. Well, there’s no better place to do it firstly, if you think about it. After all is where you wake up to a new day every day and it’s where your energies get renewed. But, how can your energies be renewed when all the energies around you are in such a mess? Feng Shui is one way to solve the problem.

Before getting deeper in the concept of Feng Shui, take in consideration these first steps and choose at least one to take care of today (I’m buying new linens to start the quest!):

1 – Make sure your bedroom is located at the backside of the house, where the activity is minimal (away from the kitchen or the home office); if yours isn’t make this change one your priority projects for the year;

2 – Splurge on your sleeping arrangements: the bed where you sleep on must be laid on a structure of wood or another natural material and the bedding must be of good quality cotton (and yes, I know some of you prefer flannel sheets, but the truth is cotton is better for your body and sleep);

3 – Open your windows! It’s essential to let fresh air and natural light enter your home but keep all plants outside your bedroom;

4 – Make the bedroom an electronics-free environment because they can be responsible for strong electrical discharges that disrupt your sleep, health and energy in general;

5 – Get rid of all unnecessary clutter! Yes, from the clothing on top of the chair to all of those little things standing untouched in the bottom of your drawers or closet; do you really want to keep all of that cluttering your space and mind? Stay tuned with MW’s Cleanse to take a few steps towards this one goal.



Now, let’s get lost in Feng Shui for long term projects!

This Chinese practice (that derives from Taoism) has the meanings to achieve a balance between our energies and those that surround us. And what energies are these, you ask. Have you ever heard of Chi? Chi energy or vital energy is one of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui. It’s a flow of electromagnetic energy that unites all things in the universe. Our own chi energy is in constant exchange with the chi energy of the environment. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we are surrounded by a good chi energy so that our energy can also be a positive one.

But beware: Feng Shui only works if we have the disposition for it. After all, there are no miracles and this practice only helps the nature to channel good energies to those who are open to receive them.

To start putting it into practice you must learn about the Five Elements that are the pillars in which Feng Shui stands. All of them bear a meaning, being part of a cycle of production and destruction.

  • Wood is responsible for the separation of land.
  • Earth is flooded by the water.
  • Water puts out the fire.
  • Fire melts the metal.
  • Metal cuts the wood.

And all the way back to the beginning.

The Five Elements are also associated with five directions related to the movement of the sun throughout the day.

  • In the morning the east of your home soaks up the upward chi known as tree.
  • As the day progresses the sun moves from east to south and charges up the south of your home with radiating fire chi energy.
  • Later, the sun begins to go down and brings more settled soil chi energy into the southeast and centre of your home.
  • As the sun sets, the west of your home will take in an inward-moving metal chi energy
  • During the night, the north of your home benefits from flowing water chi energy.

These directions help you know how to arrange your space. Here are some rules for the placement of each element in a room:

  • Wood: Place it in the east and southeast zones of a room. The wood energy represents health and vitality. Use wood itself and/or paper. The colours associated with wood are browns and greens.
  • Fire: Place it in the south, northeast or southeast of the room. The fire energy symbolizes passion, courage and dynamism. Use light sources such as candles, lamps and fireplaces or sharp objects. Warm colours such as red, orange, and bright yellow work very well.
  • Earth: Place it in the northeast and southeast of your room. The earth energy means stability. Use clay or soil and rectangular objects. The colours associated are beige and yellow.
  • Metal: Place it in the north or northeast of your room. The metal energy represents clarity, accuracy and effectiveness. Use iron, silver, stainless steel or gold and white objects. Colours associate are white and grey.
  • Water: Place it in the north, east or southeast of your room. The water energy means tranquillity and purity. Use glass objects, water itself and objects with irregular shapes. The colours associated are blue and black.

I hope these suggestions are helpful on your first stages of Feng Shui. This is a really much bigger and complex practice. It’s a whole lifestyle! So, if somehow you took an eye for it, I strongly recommend you to do a little bit more research. Try here , here and here. You won’t regret it, I promise!


Head over to MW’s Cleanse page to check other New Year improvements suggestions and click here to download the calendar illustrated by Elsa Poderosa. No worries if you are late – no one is controlling you, we are here for support. Feel free to leave any questions and let us know how you are doing with your cleanse in the comments section. And share your progress on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #mwcleanse. Happy New Year!