We’d like you to invest about an hour of your time on planning instead of doing. Like we explained on the MW’s Cleanse introduction, we are here for a journey, to build a new mindset, to respect ourselves and our ideal lifestyle goals. We will have an entire year to do all sorts of things for ourselves but we need to figure out exactly what those things should be.

Today, take some alone time to peacefully think about your body, mind, soul, home, relationships and activities without judging yourself. That’s the real challenge – to be strong but kind to oneself. Then, make a list of projects.

It doesn’t matter if you get a list of 3 projects or 30 projects – do not think of tackling them all right now! If you end up with a lot of projects, organize them into sections (body, mind, soul, home, relationships and activities). Then grab a highlighter and select a few projects (6 to 12 seems to be an adequate average for most people) to tackle and complete in the year ahead.

To take this task to the next level, for each project write 1 – 2 things you are going to do to achieve that goal. And you are done for today.


Here is my list:

My year always starts with a list of projects that I usually aim to accomplish throughout the rest of the year. I do a good thinking about what I would like to see different in my life and, constantly, the same resolutions remain year after year: more work, better health, better eating habits, an improved lifestyle and, this year, I added the goal of minimizing my consumerism.

1 – Once again, eating better is one of my top priorities (for me and for lots of other people, I’m sure). I never had an unhealthy diet, but I’ve always aimed to cut sugar out of my eating habits. Every time I managed to do so my health greatly improved, and I proved myself that sugar is actually an energy thief! To start this quest I’ll join Filipa in the 30 days sugar free challenge. That’s the main thing I want to do to get to eating better, but I also want to incorporate more vegetables into my diet because I need to grow my powers, and what’s better to do so than eating a bit more spinach, like Popeye?

2 – Run! Running for my life is what I set myself to do this year. I really want to get my heart to start working in a good rhythm again. And I chose running because I like it and I can do it outside, since gyms are clearly not for me (and it cost me some monthly fees to understand that). If you are with me on this one or if you just want to move more, read the day 3 suggestions.

3 – I really want to start sleeping better. It’s not that I don’t sleep well, but it takes a crane to get me out of bed! And then I get by the entire day in a zombie mood. I’m taking a pledge to sleep at least 8 hours per day. Perhaps going to bed at decent hours would make for a better resolution…But I’m an artist, so getting in bed early just doesn’t make any sense.

4 – I’ve always been a bit of a shopaholic (just ask for my father’s opinion), but since I got to be part of A MONTRA / THE WINDOW’s network, I’ve begun to gain more conscience of what to buy and consume. On one hand I must stop buying stuff I don’t really need (goodbye monthly shoes!) and, on the other hand, I must be more aware of the value chain of the products I buy – it’s utterly important to know the origins of the raw materials, the production process, where the product was manufactured and if it is being sold in a fair trade manner. Not to mention their carbon footprint! I’ve always been more careful about the food I buy, but I’ve never been truly aware of the amount of plastic I throw away because everything comes in individual packaging. So, this year, as a way of thanking the planet, I’ll start buying more bulk goods and less plastic packaged products. Bulk is back in fashion and it’s getting easier and easier to find them in the supermarkets (especially organic ones). To get me started I got my MW’s no waste shopping kit (to get yours – or to ask for more info – send us an e-mail).

5 – As of my professional life, I want to conquer the world with the Poderosa project. I don’t know yet how but I want to get this venture abroad, with an exhibition or an interview. And wanting is a powerful thing! I’ll start by vamping out my social media pages – something I know is long due to promote my work.

6 – Finally, and for the most important of all projects this year, I’m going to move in with my soulmate! First step: classifieds.

Share your list on the comments!


Head over to MW’s Cleanse page to check other New Year improvements suggestions and click here to download the illustrated calendar. No worries if you are late – no one is controlling you, we are here for support. Feel free to leave any questions and let us know how you are doing with your cleanse in the comments section. And share your progress on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #mwcleanse. Happy New Year!