“Let’s dance. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.” As David Bowie so well expressed (even if you don’t have some red shoes) let’s dance. Oh, I know, you are probably thinking that you can’t dance or that you don’t have the time for it. But that’s not true, is it? Everyone has time for a little bit of dancing: even if you can’t or don’t want to make the time to have dance lessons or to go to a club, you can do it at home by turning the radio on. So, stop reading this (I mean it) and shake it!

If you are still here (you should be dancing by now…), tell me: when was the last time you danced? Can’t remember? Perhaps it’s time to change that. Dance is not only a way of expression, it is so much more. Since ancient times, through rituals, ceremonies or celebrations, dance has always had this beautiful and powerful effect of bring people and cultures closer together. It’s that magical thing of “going with the flow”. You communicate with movement and you don’t even have to speak the same language. Or speak at all for that matter!

January Cleanse Day 6

Some years back I had Bollywood dancing lessons. It was a unique experience because it helped me break the ice in some socializing situations and face some self-confidence issues. You can see from the joy you get from it that dance is a beautiful and extremely fun way for you to get healthier. In fact, psychologically speaking, it can help you:

1 – Relax and break the dullness of life or the belligerence of stress;

2 – Fight a depression (by leaving solitude feelings behind);

3 – Improve self-confidence;

4 – Effortlessly meet new different people (from all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes);

5 – Forgo society standards and get a sense of true freedom;

6 – Get creative;

7 – Set goals;

And if you’re not a fan of gyms, nor a running or hiking kind of person, dance is a great way for you to get in shape. For instance, it helps you:

1 – Regain energy;

2 – Lose weight;

3 – Increase your physical performance;

4 – Get stronger;

5 – Get more flexible;

6 – Get over vertigo issues;

7 – Train and preserve your memory;

8 – Prevent cardiovascular diseases.

One of the best things about dance is that it’s an inclusive activity. Everyone can be part of it. Although there’s always the possibility of one getting embarrassed and being afraid of dancing in public (I was), in the end, when you actually do it and dance, all of that falls behind and one just wants to keep doing it.


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