Sundays can be gloomy, especially on winter. Cold days are like the status quo for staying at home curled up in a blanket with a hot chocolate (like this one), watching movies. Well, I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing. I would be lying if I did so, because it can be quite pleasurable and, at the end of most weeks, seriously needed. But, what if you changed that habit for just one day?

I live in Lisbon and I can tell you there’s a lot of things happening in the city. So, I’m here to propose that you get lost in a museum or art gallery today. Call a friend, invite your family, make a date with your partner or just go by yourself, it doesn’t matter. Just exit the front door and go see something filled with art!

People seem to have a lot of strong feelings about art galleries. It’s like visiting them is an exclusive activity for exclusive people. Well, you got that all wrong. They can be so much more than an “intellectual” thing or “boring” activity. They can also provide you a lot of fun! Besides, if it’s Sunday, you’ll get free admission in a lot of places, at least if you are located in Lisbon. Just pick a place to go and be delighted with a visual feast.

January Cleanse Day 8

Oh, I’m not trying to make you jealous or anything, but by the time you read this I’ll be on my way to Paris for work and pleasure, all at once. And I can promise you that there are a lot of art galleries on my itinerary for the week. Why? I could talk all day about the so many reasons why visiting an art exhibition is rewarding… Here are just a few:

1 – Art challenges you. It makes for a good way for you to realize the immensity of the world and be more open to new ideas and perspectives.

2 – Art can help you with your own creativity problems. How’s that!? Art has this magical power to boost your personal creativity. Go and see it for yourself!

3 – Art can teach you a lot of things. Besides art itself, you can learn about history, psychology, sociology, myths, literature… there’s so much for you to gain from it.

4 – Art can help you meditate. If you had trouble with the last assignment try doing it today at an art exhibition. Nothing carries you away and clears your mind like visiting art galleries and museums.

5 – Art can transform you. Art it’s not a mere thing to be seen, it can change you in a most gratifying way, if you let yourself in.

Are you still there, behind your phone, table or computer? Hope not!


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