I found Reiki through the internet, where all the articles and blogs I found pointed to this destination when searching about energy and chakras. With the study carried out over the centuries, it has been discovered that any and all energy is pliable, and we can direct it and transform it using Reiki.

The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words: “Rei”, which means “divine wisdom” or “the higher power,” and “Ki, which means “vital energy.” Hence, Reiki is the spiritually guided vital energy.

In Reiki therapy, the seven main chakras, our energy centers, are worked following a strict code of ethics. Depending on one’s training, a practitioner can perform the therapy on oneself or on others. During therapy, the Universal Energy is transmitted to the areas of the practitioner or patient that need most attention, through a gentle touch or within a short distance of the body.

This is a complementary and integrative therapy, which means it works in conjunction with other Medicines and Therapies, never invalidating or replacing any of them.

Reiki is also a prophylactic therapy, leading the practitioner or patient to find vital balance and helping them react better to conditions that lead to illnesses. It is also an excellent support for palliative care. In fat, Reiki has been integrated in several hospitals around the world as a complementary therapy for patients with terminal illnesses. An example, in Portugal, is the Hospital of S. João do Porto.

Some advantages of using Reiki:

  • Increase of Vital Energy;
  • Revitalization of the immune system;
  • Decrease of stress;
  • Deep relaxation;
  • Elimination of blockages;
  • Detoxification;
  • Regularization of blood pressure;
  • Improved pain resistance;
  • Development of intuition and creativity;
  • Release of emotions;
  • Increase in the level and quality of blood circulating in our body;
  • Cleaning of organs such as liver, kidneys, arteries, and others;
  • Acceleration of the recovery process in case of surgery or long-term illness.

In my journey of discovering Reiki, the more I read and learned, the more curiosity I had to try it. I realized I could attend sessions with a therapist or I could take the course and practice Reiki myself. If it was so, if I could have the “tools”, and since I am a person that likes to “get to work,” I wanted to have them.

I decided to take the Level 1 course and I truly believe it was the first spiritual experience I ever had. The bouts of vomiting stopped, I got off my medication, and I felt more resistant to diseases, especially those typical of changing seasons. It was my immune system reacting. A year later I took the Level 2 course, and shortly thereafter, I completed Level 3 and the Master’s level.

Since then, the practice of Reiki and meditation has been a constant in my life. I give weekly consultations and also training sessions to those who wish to start or deepen their knowledge and techniques of Reiki. Giving training is undoubtedly the most rewarding part of my spiritual work, as I have had the opportunity to meet fantastic people with whom I create unique and timeless connections.

If I had to summarize to the maximum what Reiki brought to my life, I would say that it gave me great physical well-being, vitality and health. It also brought me enormous mental well-being. Meditation, breathing techniques and energy flowing vitally into our body helps oxygenate our cells, bringing us a unique sense of lightness. But above all, what Reiki brought me was a deep knowledge of myself and the recognition and release of my emotions. It is a constant path of self-knowledge that has helped me to be and use the best of myself and to attract the best.

Reiki was my path, could it be yours too?