Part II

When we buy a hair product that contains unsustainable palm oil, we are fuelling the palm oil industry that is destroying rainforests in Indonesia – and other places-, rainforests that provide the livelihoods of thousands of humans, along with the habitats that unique species as tigers, and many others, require to survive. Many of us, when buying conditioner or hair oil, don’t even consider the consequences of that act, as I am sure that if we were to know its harmful impact we would invest in John Master’s Organics extensive range of high quality and top performance hair products instead of you know, the giant of haircare, skincare and makeup that I shall not name (coffL’Orealcoff). Rahua Amazon Beauty not only has some of the most efficacious haircare products today but it is an earth-friendly and sustainable business in partnership with women from Amazonian nations such as Waorani, Achuar, Quichua, Quechua and Shuar. If you’re looking for a more in-budget option, argan-oil based Kae is a terrific option. Demand drives supply, always remember that.

The majority of cleansers and scrubs are filled with something called microbeads. Microbeads are polyethylene microspheres, solid plastic spheres of less than 5 millimetres in their largest dimension. Microbeads, due to their small size, are washed down drains and end up in the ocean. As they’re made of plastic, they do last forever, and end up poisoning and killing marine life. Many campaigning organisations have been demanding bans on microbeads with many victories in recent years. However, their use is still widespread in many cosmetics, skincare and body care brands. Why not use environmentally friendly products such as REN Skincare, Acorelle and Madara? I am a long-term fan of Ren Skincare. My skin is highly reactive – I have allergic reactions to a myriad of skincare ingredients that make my face itchy and my eyes swollen – and I am an extremely demanding consumer, in everything – every single person who knows me can attest to that! Ren Skincare exceeds all my needs and requirements. And so does Pai Skincare, Nuori, Dr.Alkaitis, to name a few. All tried and tested. And all passed with honours.

Various ingredients commonly found in makeup are extremely damaging to the environment. P-phenylenediamine is a dangerous, coal-tar derived chemical often found in lipsticks. It has long term toxic effects on aquatic ecosystems, diminishing the animal plankton population, altering fish behaviour and causing the death of many aquatic species. Diethanolamine, or DEA, is added to almost every cosmetic and personal care product. DEA accumulates in the environment and reacts with nitrates to form nitrosamines. And nitrosamines are highly carcinogenic to both human and animal life. Organic, natural makeup often gets a bad reputation. I can assure you, there is absolutely no reason, whatsoever. Not today. In fact, the best, high performance makeup brands today are eco-friendly, organic and cruelty free. The most coveted highlighter by the fashion crowd is RMS Beauty ‘Living Luminizer’. It is dewy without being shiny, a subtle light reflecting sheen that brings skin ‘to life’. Like all RMS Beauty products, it is GMO free, soy free, nano free and never tested on animals. I would say RMS Beauty Buruti Bronzer is the best cream bronzer on the market, not oompaloompaorangy, not sparkly, but naturally and healthily sunkissed. Like you’ve spent a few dolce fare nientedays bathing in the warm Mediterranean sea in June. The way it is supposed to be. Like its cousin, no nasties. Ilia Beauty has organic lipsticks that fit all occasions, needs, preferences and more! From sheer-coloured tinted lip conditioners  to colour saturated red and oxblood lipsticks.And the best foundation out there has to be Vapour Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation, a veil of effortless colour that unveils instead of concealing, while evening out skin tone and masking imperfections.

The arguments I’ve used to incentivise conscious and mindful shopping of haircare, bodycare and skincare products were mainly related to the harmful impacts of chemical haircare, skincare and makeup and unsustainable practices in our planet. Needless to say, as we are living organisms in our planet’s ecosystems, what is harmful to our surrounding environment, is harmful to us (our hair, skin and nails absorb many of the chemicals used).

If every single one of us alters shopping habits and invest in organic and natural products from sustainable business practices, we are making a statement. We are declaring we care, we care about our planet, our future, our peers. And together we can make a difference.