Hello February!

It is unavoidable that this is the Valentine’s Day month. So yes, this project can double up as a gift, but is mainly a decoration or fun activity.

Going back to my young years, I don’t remember piñatas being a big thing in parties and so on, but they do appeal to me now. So I decided to share with you a project to make a Valentine’s heart-shaped piñata.

In truth you will be recycling materials. At least I did.


Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Glue / glue gun
  • Colored paper
  • Scissors

I ended up using both the paper glue and the glue gun, but you can use your own techniques. What I suggest is that you try to find the materials in your house before you decide to buy something. I hate being wasteful so I look for the materials that I would throw away. I usually store away the things I think I might use later, like cardboard boxes and wrapping paper that I like. So the main materials that I used in this project came from a box of a christmas decoration and the wrapping paper that came with some flowers.

So I start by drawing two hearts on the cardboard. Make sure you make them fit so you waste as little as possible of the cardboard – you might be using it later for some other project! Since my box was slim and had a stripe on the side that was like 3 cm wide, I was satisfied with it and used it to do the sides of the heart.

After you’ve cut out the two cardboard hearts, make sure they have the exact same shape and proceed to cut the stripe that you are going to put on the sides. It’s time to get the glue gun out. While it warms up, take a chance to fold the cardboard stripes with your fingers, so that they are soft and bendy when you put it around the heart.

With the warm glue place the stripe all around the edge of one of the hearts. If you want to place some candy inside you piñata, do not glue all the length of the stripe, leave a few centimetres loose. Then it’s time to put some more glue, this time on the stripe, so that you can close your piñata with the other heart.

After this is done, you’ll have a cardboard heart. I didn’t put candy in mine because I didn’t have candy in the house. I’m trying to cut on my sugar intake! But this is the time to put in yours, or even just some papers if you are going to smash it, piñata style! If – on the other hand – you are using it as a decoration object (my case), you just go ahead and move on to the paper fun decorating part.

Since I was doing this with a paper that was not created to this effect, I had to cut the small stripes with a scissor. If that’s your case, start by cutting the paper in stripes of 10 centimeters with (as long as you want them) and then make regular cuts through its length with half of a centimeter. If you can make them as long as the heart’s with, because that will give you a more concerted look.

And now for the gluing part. Start with the bottom of the heart and glue the top part of the stripes, letting the fringes hang loose. Keep doing that until you reach the top. Do the same thing on the other side of the heart and glue the left overs on to the sides of the heart as well. Now it’s trim time: pick up the scissors and trim the fringes, exposing the heart shape. Voilá! Your Heart Piñata is done!

Fill it with chocolates to give your significant other, of candy and hit it until it breaks, or simply put it in a nice place to make your Valentine’s Day a little bit more fringy. 😉