Right, well, 2016 – that was an unforgettable year for all the wrong reasons. It has accurately been called the year of doom. Brexit, brutal austerity, the war in Syria, Yemen, thousands dying due to terrorism all across the world including UK MP Jo Cox, the migrant crisis, the election of Donald Trump – the list unfortunately goes on and on.

I don’t know about you but I am sick of it. Totally sick of it. I feel like 2016 is the year I have watched the progressive values and qualities of humanity that I hold so dear slowly erode away. It has been depressing and it has been demoralising. It has shattered unity and community – turning neighbour against neighbour.

Well enough is enough. People will look back on this time and ask what we did to stop the doom. We can’t stand by and watch this continue. It’s a new year and if we want it to be different, each and every one of us has to take responsibility for changing it. 2016 may well have been the year of doom, but together we can make 2017 the year of campaigning for change. Lets make it the year of activism, the year of positive change, the year of unity and collectivism.

Campaigning and activism is for everyone. If you are new to it there are a million and one ways to get involved. Go on give it a try, take one small step and make a commitment to doing something active for change: join a political party, go to a community meeting, attend a rally, sign a petition, become a member of a trade union, write to your MP, create a piece of political art. Show you aren’t going to take it lying down and you will take a stand. Lets make 2017 the year we come together in hope, rather than continue to slowly turn on each other in fear.

My new year’s resolution is to speak up and be heard, do my bit, play my part, get others along too and campaign for change.

So goodbye 2016 – we won’t miss you. We know that out of difficult times comes great activism and we can’t wait to be a part of it.


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