Invited by Campo Pequeno, A MONTRA / THE WINDOW (MW) will open a POP-UP STORE on March 3rd, 4th and 5th. The temporary store, next to the arena’s main entrance, will be open during the Gourmet Market, with which it shares a set of values related to the promotion of national products, artisanal production and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

It will be possible to visit the 30m2 space for free in order to know and get your hands a thoughtful selection of art, fashion, cosmetics, child care and decoration products that, besides being produced by talented Portuguese crafters, are also sustainable and fair trade. It will also be possible to purchase the MW’s No Waste Shopping Kit (in the photo above), which allows the users to go grocery shopping without bringing home the packages and bags that will eventually be thrown away.


To welcome visitors to the Gourmet Market, MW gathered some partners to set up an arts installation in the lobby of the main entrance of Campo Pequeno’s arena. With a special focus on the ritual of setting the table for a meal and decorated with Portuguese products selected according to the values ​​of our curating network, the installation will allow visitors to gather information on the most environmentally friendly options at home.

The arts installation, designed by Paulo Braga, will feature a Grass4You natural grass rug, vintage furniture from Hexágono and forest waste pieces by De raíz. The dining table will be set with Margarida Fabrica pottery, cutlery made in Guimarães by Bright-Kitchen and hand-embroidered tablecloths by Isabel Lara. Decorating the space there will be a local flowered table center made by Kckliko, several macramé pieces by Cordame // Joana Teixeira, recycled baskets from Com Raíz and wooden handmade surfboards by Bzalo.


The POP-UP STORE visitors will be able to participate in various of free activities about sustainable choices, waste reduction, green living, alternative therapies, social activation projects and many other topics:

– Fast talks with social and cultural intervention projects: A Avó Veio Trabalhar (Friday, 6:30PM), Pão a Pão – Projeto de Integração de Refugiados (Saturday, 4PM), Maria da Nazaré (Sábado, 5:30 PM), caixanegra . colectivo de criação (Sunday, 2:30 PM), Associação BIPP – Inclusão para a deficiência (Sunday, 3PM);

– No waste shopping tours through the Gourmet Market included when buying the MW’s No Waste Shopping Kit (everyday);

– No waste shopping presentation and tours at the Gourmet Market with Joana Limão – Lemonaid (Friday, 7PM);

– Music by Where the Music Meets everyday after 6PM and a fast talk about independent music (Friday, 7:30PM);

– Tea tasting with Herbas – Organic Herbs (Saturday and Sunday, 12PM-6PM);

– Presentation about ecological diapers with Organii (Saturday, 12:30PM);

– Presentation about raw diet and green juice tasting with Leite da Terra (Sábado, 15PM);

– ‘#whomademyclothes’ debate on the fashion industry with Fashion Revolution Portugal (Saturday, 4:30PM);

– Family illustration workshop with Elsa Poderosa (Sunday, 12:30PM-1:30PM);

– Ayurveda therapies and massages with LaRose Terapeuta (Sunday, from 4:30PM).


In our POP-UP STORE you can get products from the following MW partners:

Algodão Pintado (crochet toys for children and toys), Alguidar (knitting pads), Becky Dog Apparel (accessories for pets made with Näz production remains), Catarina Malva (fair trade jewellery), Conrad’s Bakery (handmade granola), Elsa Poderosa (soy illustrations), Herbas (organic tea infusions), Ileana Rovetta (soy illustrations), Mazurca Handmade (handmade stamped fashion and accessories), Näz (sustainable fashion), Portuguese Soul (soy candles), Sementes de Portugal (seeds from Portugal).