Hi there! We are José and Beatriz from Where the Music Meets and we are very pleased to be taking on a new adventure with A MONTRA / THE WINDOW (MW). From now on, you will get new music every month, curated by us for MW.

February 2017 has been such an amazing month music wise. Many new indie and indietronic anthems were released and we tried to sum them up in this little post for you. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these tunes as much as we do:

Little Hurricane – OTL

From the first day of February, we’ve been listening to little hurricane first advance of their upcoming album. In OTL (One True Love), the vocal duet is not only spot on, but the simplicity behind the repetitive drums, and the right words in the right places, quickly turns it into a no-brainer, and shower-singer, of a song. This song condensates into a very simple song the catchiness of children chants, with the complexity of falling in love, with some weirdly resemblances to Bono Vox vocals. And for all that, and some things more we cannot quite explain, this is one of catchiest songs we’ve heard this year.

Jacob Banks – Unholy War

Also in the beginning of the month, Jacob Banks released Unholy War. With bits of the best past century soul influences, Jacob manages to move several years forward and create a contemporary powerhouse. We can identify several 21st century jazz/soul influences such as Amy Winehouse, Benjamin Clementine, and Tom Misch which mean one thing only: this is nothing but a powerful and truly mesmerising song.

NoMBe – Wait

If you’re a fan of HONNE then this is for you. Wait is NoMBe newest single and is a chill bomb. Filled with sultry determination, flirty innuendos and a super guitar that ties everything together. The first few lines say it all: “I won’t wait this time, no, not now, not again, not much longer (…) Let’s make it last forever ’cause the night is still young“. It can’t get any more straightforward than this. With his debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me being described as a journey of love, sex, heartbreak, and euphoria, this is one to keep your eye on.

Tom Joshua – Meteor Showers

One of the biggest gifts February has brought was Meteor Showers (thankfully, not the literal ones). This whole song is incredibly well-crafted, starting at the soft piano and the warm vocals. The choir behind his falsettos elevate Meteor Showers to a peaceful storm. The progressive crescendo tone brings out something we’re use to hear in Villagers‘ or even Justin Vernon‘s work. We are completely in awe with the cinematic scenery Tom Joshua was able to create and looking forward to see what else is to come.

Treasureseason – The Rush

The Rush is a super melodic song that takes the band to another level, and which has the potential to capture attention like no other song they did before. Mainly because of the superb mixture between the wide and tender vocals and the comforting organ-based electronic flow. We have already tagged it as one of the top songs 2017 has brought us, don’t you agree?

Rondo Mo – Overflow

Overflow is the first official release of an incredible and intriging artist named Rondo Mo. Released in the middle of the month, Overflow is the best way we imagine to introduce an artist. A track with several elements that makes us go back to a stripped down Chet Faker, still in such a raw electronic way. The groovy, tribalish rhythm, the dark ambiance and the continuos suspense make Overflow literally overflow. As Rondo Mo creates negative space between a chaotic crescendo that makes you keep coming back for more.

Vistas – Feel Alive

Feel Alive was written last summer when Vistas’ vocalist was working in a call centre, which wasn’t great fun. It was also so hot and stuffy in the office and he couldn’t wait to get outside and breathe some cool fresh air which is what inspired the last line of the chorus “Breathe till you feel alive”. Then the rest of the song followed on from there and is mainly about being young and finding something – whether that be a job, goal, person or ambition – that makes you feel alive.

Carmody – Before You Knew Me

Carmody has been on top of game lately and Before You Knew Me is just another confirmation. This RnB, down-tempo house inspired track is one of the most raw and intimate register of Carmody. She strips down in front of us, lists all her faults. And do you know what? We will stay with her.

warpaint. – mossy.

Warpaint. is mossy.’s debut single – what a shocker. This song sums almost perfectly what technology brought to music and how artists and producers are getting better and better using it. mossy. executes this sort of futuristic sample-mixing incredibly well and get us completely hooked on his cool vibe.

Only The Poets – Ceasefire

Ceasefire is Only The Poets’ debut single but it feels so much more. This soaring true indie makes us so comfortable as it is so familiar, yet so intrigued as it brings something new. It is impossible not to think about Villagers as we press play on Ceasefire. All those beautifully constructed melodies and painfully truthful voice. In all honesty, we all have those days where all we feel like it’s waving a white flag and beg for some peace, for some quiet time. This is for those moments.

See you next month.