Hey! Let’s get real for a second here: don’t we all love chocolate? I know there are some people that are allergic to cacao and  I do know everybody is different. But I for one can’t hide my love for chocolate. So if you are – like me – a chocolate lover, today I wanted to give you a project to showcase your passion for everyone (that goes into your kitchen) to see.

Aside from chocolate, I also love magnets. If decorating your fridge with your favourite things is one of your other passions, this is for you. We are going to make a tiny chocolate bar magnet for your fridge.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Air dry clay
  • Water
  • Ruler
  • Paint (I used watercolors)
  • Aluminum foil (just a tiny bit)
  • Polish
  • A magnet
  • Glue

Keep in mind that this project is fairly simple but it will take you two days, because the air dry clay takes some time to harden.

Start by taking a little bit of the air dry clay into your hands. Mold it into a small rectangle, around 1,5 cm per 2 cm, and wet your fingers to soften the surface a little. Now, I used the ruler to make the marks to mimic a chocolate bar on the top half of the rectangle, but you can use any other object that serves the same purpose. The air dry clay takes about 20h to dry, so let it harden from one day to another, before you paint.

The bottom part is where the wrapping is going to be, and because we are going to make a cute-looking chocolate bar magnet, that’s also where we will draw its sweet face. So I painted my wrapping part lime green because my kitchen has those tones, but you can choose whatever color you prefer. I do advise you use a light color so that the face drawing is noticeable.

If, like me you are using watercolors to paint the clay, you might have to do a few layers, but the good news is that air dry clay absorbs this type of paint very fast, so it also dries quite fast. Once you are satisfied with the first color coat, we move on to the face painting. I did two black balls with a tiny brush and a small smile line in between the eyes. It’s very important that you let the paint dry with every coat or detail you make.

So after the two black balls, you might want to add some sparkle to its little eye, right? Use a tiny brush or even a toothpick – I actually used the tip of a quill – to put to small white dots inside the black balls. This will give it the impression of having glistening big eyes. Cartoon-like, even. So if you still want to step it up a little in the cuteness scale, you can do two tiny dashes of pink underneath the eyes, to give it somewhat blushing cheeks.

Let’s take care of the wrapping effect now: take a little bit of aluminium foil and mash it together to create a line. Glue it on the line that separates the top chocolaty part from the bottom wrapping part. You don’t need too much glue, just enough to secure it.

Finally, use some polish to seal it all and make sure your paint doesn’t go anywhere. It also gives it a nice shiny look that I like. You are almost set, just don’t forget to glue the magnet on the back of your tiny chocolate bar.

As always, this is the kind of project you can also make to give away as a gift. So have fun and try it out!