Last month I talked to you about minimalism and how it can simplify our lives. Today I want to encourage you to try a challenge that I also set for myself last year, and that has a very minimalist character. Anyone who has researched about this subject, quickly realizes that minimalism also refers to the clothing we wear. I am not talking about aesthetic minimalism and using monochromatic tones, but rather using a limited number of clothes and shoes.

For many this may seem like a stupid thing. Why should I limit my options if today stores are filled with beautiful and affordable items? The more I get my hands on, the better! And that’s precisely the reason this is a challenge for so many of us …

The challenge I bring to you is a very simple one. For 3 months, you’ll have to use only 33 pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories. This idea did not come from me, but from one of the greatest references of minimalism, Cournette Carver. Don’t be scared, underwear, sportswear and your nighties are not part of this challenge neither are the accessories and jewelry we use every day and never take off (like your wedding ring).

Number 33 was the challenge that Courtney put to herself, but for those who have an absurd amount of clothing I would propose you start with something less ambitious. The idea of this project is that it can be an amusing and funny challenge. It shouldn’t be a pain in the a**.

Why is this challenge worth doing? Well, this is one of those challenges we set ourselves to that not only make us grow and see things from another perspective but at the same time doesn’t make us suffer too much. It’s simple, tangible, and what we get out of it is something much deeper and meaningful than you can imagine. Forgetting your appearance, gaining time and saving money were a few lessons I got from this project. And it is certain, my closet will never be overflowing again.

As a final note, I would love to challenge anyone who has a large amount of clothes. Believe me, this challenge really draws on our creativity.

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