New York is the epitome of the modern world. New York has everything so you can do anything. Today I bring you *drum roll* «a day in the life of an eco-friendly, vegan and sustainability advocate new yorker» in other words a quick one-day and easy guide to a healthy, vegan and sustainable big apple trip. Fasten your sit belts.  

Part I – Morning

10 am:

You are in New York. It is wonderful and all but you just woke up so your hair is messy and your stomach growls are starting to resemble Mordor – You are also in desperate need of a strong coffee – which means *insert jazz hands* breakfast time! If you are up to a mean vegan banana bread head to the very affordable Peacefood Café (uptown 460 Amsterdam Avenue @ 82nd Street or downtown 41 East 11th street @ University Place) while you are there try the green power smoothie or the ginger soy latte. Peacefood Café menu is completely vegan and has gluten free options with the guarantee of freshly prepared and home cooked meals every day.

11 am:

Wow, that banana bread was amazing. Your energy is restored and your post-coffee mood is on. We are now prepared for some eco shopping. Kaight is the place to go for amazing, naturally dyed organic cotton clothing (83rd Orchard street bt Broome and Grand Sts). If clothing made from recycled garments brings a happy tear to your eye wait no more and run to Patagonia (426th Columbus Ave bt 80th and 81th streets). The shop has a social and environmental responsibility program called «Worn Wear» that goes from little details like giving clients advice on how to take care of their clothes to extending the life cycle of the garments; and it goes as far as recycling old Patagonia clothes with the promise of turning them into a new fiber or fabric. Your outfit is on point, you had enough of the cruelty in the cosmetic industry but still want that makeup on fleek? I feel you. And also have your back – NY Artificial & NYA (13-15 eight Avenue bt Jane and W 12TH Sts) is THE must-go makeup and accessory store with products made with all-natural ingredients; all are absolutely cruelty-free and also vegan (Yay!).

1 pm:

Lunch time, obviously. The range of options is wider than our hunger – and that is saying a lot, by the way. By Chloe is located in the West Village (185 Bleecker Street), in the Flatiron District (60 West 22nd Street) and Soho (240 Lafayette Street). The menu includes salads, burgers and pasta – vegan and yummy. The only problem is you may find it difficult getting inside due to its awesome reputation. Bonus tip: they sell pupcakes (yes, you read that right, dog cupcakes) and also vegan and organic bones and – *screams internally* – they donate 1 dollar for every bag sold to the «Humane Society», I mean… we heart you Chloe! Another great option is Candle 79 (154th with 79th street) with great starters like mushroom ceviche and tasty salads. The locals suggest trying the Seitan Piccata, a creamed spinach with garlic mashed potatoes, oyster mushrooms and lemon caper sauce – if this total porn-food description doesn’t make your mouth water, something is seriously wrong with you, but that’s one girl’s opinion. Are you up to «an experience of all the senses» and «a chance to escape»? Hangawi is the restaurant for you – their words, not mine – but I double checked it.  It is a Korean restaurant owned by natives who understand the benefits of vegan cuisine. The menu is colorful and has an extensive variety of plates. The word is you should order the organic quinoa and crispy kale stone bowl.

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