As we reach the Spring, indie music keeps flourishing like crazy into a whole lot of different types. This selection impersonates that spring spirit, from gentle singer-songwriters songs, to more rocky vibes, one-man-orchestras, and electronic and pop newcomers. This is our March selection. We hope you enjoy the ride:

Lucy Rose – Floral Dresses

Lucy Rose is always a must to listen to, as are The Staves. This situation becomes even more imperative when they release Flower Dresses as the Spring approaches and the season of self-doubt as well. Allow yourself to embrace the beautiful you whilst listening to these beautiful voices.

Eckoes – Human

When an empowering woman takes the most inspiring words known to mankind, wrote and recited by the one and only Dr. Maya Angelou and adds filling sonority… Well, no one can be indifferent to it. Listen to every word and feel every sound of the newest single by Eckoes, Human.

Tom Speight – Willow Tree

Tom Speight is force of nature. On the 10th of March he released Willow Tree, the final instalment of the quartet of EPs and follows on from the three Speight released in 2016. This EP was produced by Chris Bond and features performances by Turin Brakes, Jessica Staveley Taylor and Lydia Clowes. Dare to travel in the most melodic emotional journey we’ve heard this year?

Future Generations – Count My Blessings

We are trying to stray away from calling it the best song of the year, so we’re calling the shortest best song of the year! In 1 minute and 44 seconds, Future Generations capture our attention and claim it their own. Count My Blessings is so divine, its both a blessing and sin it ends so soon.

Campbell Sibthorpe – Death for the Decent

Campbell Sibthorpe is an alternative folk songwriter and Death for the Decent is the first song of Campbell‘s upcoming EP Sky Lily. This single is all about coming full circle as the lyrics singe Approach upon the gate/brother its okay/all is forgiven. Thoughts may be hard to put into words, but that why we have music.

North Downs – Plastic Clouds

Born in a run down barn in wintery English countryside. The lovechild of a Delta-Blues man and a London raver marrying the sounds of the organic and the synthetic. As North Downs are slowly unveiled, we canot help but to be surprised once again. The second single, Plastic Cloudsis urgently perfect and made of an immediate complexity. And it mixes pop, rock, electronic and soul elements in a simple but so rewarding manner. We dare you to fight against dancing along this weirdly-revolutionary catchiness.

Noiserv – Being More Real Than Just Imagination

One of the highlights of our month was the interview with Noiserv (a.k.a David Santos). The Portuguese one-man-orchestra told us a bit about his music making process. “Doing a song and all the arrangements for Noiserv its something too personal to be surround by other people. (…) The best way to live is to make the stories inside our head a bit more real than just imagination“. If songs like Bullets on Parade (well caught up by oSAPOmudo | from the FROG cover drawing) were already a favourite of ours, the new album 00:00:00 entirely featured on the piano, is a pure contemplation for the soul.

Cataldo – Person You’d Be Proud Of

A band that tastes like home, is possible the best description we could give about Cataldo. And the best example of that is the song they debuted some days ago. Person You’d Be Proud Of is one of the most welcoming and empathic songs we’ve heard all year. With a familiar voice and an almost pop-tribal exploration perfectly put together, it manages to always sound familiar and hopeful. And the type of lyrics going on make it the definition of a comfort song.

WENS – Bleed

Completely changing the vibe we introduce WENS. An 18-year-old LA-based girl which the capacity of harmonising the whole way into a pop song. Somehow merging all the likes of Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Banks into her style, her second single introduces her as a indie-pop bomb. Should not be long until this explodes all over the radio.

Joel Lobban – Reload

Finally, and for both our joy and wonder, Jo‘l Lobban released his debut single, Reload, a couple of days ago. The song is an intimate confession about real problems like claustrophobia, false friendship, and absent family. The power of the song is somewhat is reaction to how to deal with it all. Mixing hip-hop, RnB and pop in a beautiful modern song, this is how he introduces himself to the World.

See you next month.