March marks the beginning of spring and is most definitely a month of new beginnings. With daylight saving time, longer days, sunnier mornings and afternoons and mildly chilly evenings, late March is the time to start trying out new things and enjoying the outdoors. Weekends should be spent strolling around flower markets, sipping on some cava with old or new friends at a tucked away beer garden, flying over the coastline if you’re oh so fortunate and due to the high levels of dopamine release that characterise the season, maybe falling in love – over and over again with the same specimen or maybe with different ones, whatever suits your mood and your life.

Icelandair allows you to go across the pond to New York on a budget and this month Ines brought you the go-to guide on how to live a day in the life of an eco-friendly, vegan and sustainability advocate in the cit
y that never sleeps. Ridi was very concerned, as all of us should be, about our shopping habits and this month presented us with a few ideas on how to deal with that unwanted stack of clothing we all have pilling up at the bottom of our closet, in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, of course. Spring is the time of no-hassle. Everything should be easy and carefree. With that in mind, seeking to uncomplicate your life, Claudia challenged you to restrict your closet to 33 pieces.

March was also the month of the International Women’s Day and a time to reflect on feminism and what it means in today’s world. It was also the month of World TB Day, when we are challenged to remember that 1.8 million people still die of this preventable and treatable disease every year and Tom brought us a photograph of a TB patient and a nurse in a small town in South Africa. March was also the month when an attacker hit the heart of London and took the lives of 4 people.

Something tells me April will be an exciting month… Stay tuned!