A MONTRA / THE WINDOW was (proudly) invited to integrate the new beautiful Lx Factory space dedicated to sustainable shopping created by Organii Bio in partnership with The Therapist and Boa Safra.

MW’s purpose there is to present a monthly curation of green, artisanal and fair trade products produced by the members of our network (if you think your products fit the bill and would like to be considered for our selection at this store, please send us an email).

The 200m2 store opened on March 24th and, for a few weeks, MW will present its no waste shopping kit (the stock is limited, so hurry up and get yours!) and several works by our extremely talented resident illustrator Elsa Poderosa. Our curation for the space will then change around April 10th.

What can we find in Lx Factory’s pink house now?

Organii Bio Day Spa: This Spa will provide face and body treatments, hair removal services, and mani-pedis where everything is organic. Consider the experience ‘a must try’!

Boa Safra: This eco home design brand has three services at this new space – interior design, tailored furniture made to orders and home organization. Its simplicity and the natural materials will leave you in awe!

The Therapist: This alternative therapies’ clinic – think Chinese medicine, Ayurveda treatments, naturopathies and even ‘bibliopathies’ (curing through books) – has an in-house organic coffee shop named “ambulatory room” by its creator where you can indulge in dairy-free and sugar-free meals; it also has a school for everyday tasks with workshops focused on laundry, domestic accounting, dieting and time management

What should I be looking for this month?

Here are MW’s suggestions for some sustainable shopping at the Organii Concept Store this month:

Bamboo & Love // Herbas
Maria Descalça // Cordame
Elsa Poderosa

‘Growing’ black & white risograph, a MW’s exclusive (21€ or 42€ if framed)

a montra / the window

Here are some directions for your comfort:


Lx Factory

Rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103

1300 Lisboa – Portugal

Open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 20:00.

Boa Safra closes at 19:00 // Bio Day Spa also closes on Mondays // The Therapist opens on Sundays untill 18:00.