From the Latin fellare “to suck”, meaning the act of stimulating a man’s penis through oral stimulation for sexual pleasure.

The fellatio, or as commonly address – blowjob, is an understandably popular practice. Nevertheless, potentially sordid, since the meeting between the oral cavity and the thirsting penis is a dynamic that implies several sense organs, not always stimulated by the best reasons.

The eyes, for start. A penis that attracts will endorse proximity. Other ones, not so much. If there is good chemistry between the oculus-penis duo, the olfactory scrutiny will be carried out. Hygiene and cleanliness are imperative to invite you to the ultimate taste test or for you to give up. After all, the obstacles are many and all the motivation is important.

The beginning is not necessarily appalling. Problems usually arise when high speed or intense sucking is required for prolonged periods – activities involved in causing progressive wear of the jaw intersections. The frequency and intensity of the suppression will determine the sharpness and / or chronicity of the symptoms. The prognosis is more optimistic if the lancinating suffering is confined to the sexual act. Already in the advent of preventing the fruition of an apple of medium hardness due to the painful emission of deafening clicks we are already in the presence of a stable diagnosis of dismantling jaw syndrome.

There are some individual resilience factors that can delay or prevent the development of this disorder in the same way as some individuals manage to avoid disastrous gag-reflex in the fantasized moment when the penis rubs against the epiglottis.

Finally, in the case that the fellatio is an end in itself – a warning is given “oh, I’m cuming”, and in sequel a succession of guttural noises of pure pleasure. In the mouth grows a thick liquid that, suddenly, we do not know what destiny to give. Swallowing, spitting, drooling, that’s the question.


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