Get ready to get these 10 songs stuck in your head as they are all powerful, addictive anthems. These are songs for the heartbroken, the unmotivated and the beaten up. And for everyone else too! Listen to the best April indie, pop and folk music down below:


How about we start this off with some nice indie pop? We confess that is not easy to convince us regarding this particular genre. And needless to say the biggest amount of submissions we received are related to it. But, Coco and Stee are a Zurich meets Los Angeles duo entitled ZIBBZ who managed to fully convince us with their latest single Run. There is something about Run that makes us smile-wave-and-sing and to know that the next time it plays we will be all over it again.

Low Chimes – Sleepwalking

Low Chimes, previously named Hot Feet, count with a wide spread of dedicated followers. And that is nothing short of coincidence either. Low Chimes are an instant crush. And their debut single Sleepwalking is the proof. The brutal simplicity in their sonority brings us to major acts like Bombay Bycicle Club (on a more premature rock approach), Black Keys or Foals. But is above all, the song’s nature to be consistently engaging what captivates the most.

Modern Pleasure – Bliss Up

Although the band is called Modern Pleasure, enjoying good music is one of the oldest pleasures known to man. And Bliss Up checks every tick on our perspective. Out since March 30th, Bliss Up showcases a slightly different direction for Modern Pleasure. Yes, it shares the same bubbly, fun aura the previous singles, but Bliss Up incorporates a subtle yet very present electronica component. And, thus, Modern Pleasure reach higher heavenly heights.

Lewis Capaldi – Bruises

Lewis Capaldi‘s debut single Bruises is the inspiration to this month’s illustration by oSAPOmudo | fromtheFROG. This single seems to come from down deep inside, and brings a crazy amount of feelings to the tone. His rasp-tender-edgy voice always seems in the verge of an emotional breakdown, without ever sounding forced or lacking musicality. And if the first half of the song already grabs us by the guts; the last two minutes are the witness of how effortless a man can intercalate soft falsettos, roaring screams and perfectly placed heart-felt tones.

Meadowlark – Postcards

Meadowlark have been on our favourites list since their first release back in 2015. Postcards is Meadowlark latest single, and gives its name to their super anticipated debut album (30th June), and homages the messages we never sent to some special people in our lives. Slow beat, gentle vocals, inspiring lyrics. Once again this is as easy to love as possible.

Sophia Somajo – Klein Blue

Freudian Slip is Stockholm’s very own Sophia Somajo‘s mini, 7 tracks long, album. It came out March 31st and, since then, it is yet to leave our headphones. Klein Blue is the first track of this album and is about wanting to be identified as something other than dark and broken; wanting to be light and vibrant and participating. Funny enough, the dark atmosphere of the song really showcase the fun piano and the vibrant vocals – mission accomplished, Sophia! The powerful sudden bursts of energy are enough to light a powerhouse. And that’s how this first track got our attention and invited us to stay and listen the rest.

Oitavo Esquerdo – Se Eu Soubesse

Oitavo Esquerdo are a Portuguese five piece band that are very keen on incorporating irony and humor in their lyrics. After a one year hiatus, and with an EP on the corner, Oitavo Esquerdo are back with a brand new single. Focusing on that traditional rock with a quirky twist, Se Eu Soubesse (If Only I Knew) is a fun track that wishes upon an easier life.Being better at football, getting a girlfriend and taking naps are the suggestions of Oitavo Esquerdo to an easier life. For us, all it takes is good music – such as theirs.

Ardyn – Together

Sometimes is way too easy to fall in love with music. Ardyn are yet another band from Strout, Gloucestershire (we might be looking into moving into this place), and one which makes for the best example of this phenomenon. Particularly with their latest single, Together. A simply perfect song.

Elliot Moss – 99

99 starts and immediately we are hooked. Elliot Moss‘s sound has been evolving in such a powerful way that now seems his voice is taking over his indietronic compositions. The highs and lows of 99 perfectly showcase how brilliant this New Yorker can be. Difficult to describe in detail but rightly slow, and powerfully simple. Probably one of the most relevant indietronic talents of today. This is just another why. Listen to his live version down below:

Kan Wakan – Still Feather

Still Feather is Kan Wakan‘s latest single and is such a masterpiece. It focus on cinematic minimalist and is able to create different centre stages in the same song. Layer all of them together and you get one of the best songs 2017 has given us so far. In a way only Kan Wakan really can, we get transported into a space where the ground is made of clouds, the skies are golden and steam blossoms out of trees . Still Feather is yet another amazing piece to feature in the forthcoming Phantasmagoria.

See you next month!