In the last few months I grew closer and closer to Air Dry Clay crafts. I never thought I was big on modelling clay, but I’ve been trying (and sometimes failing) and trying and I believe I’m actually getting better.

So, I want to pull you guys into it. Don’t worry, we’ll start simple. We are making a keychain, and because summer is on the way and the good weather is starting to roll in, why not making a Monstera Leaf?

Here’s what you are going to need:

  • Air Dry Clay
  • A metal keychain ring
  • Green paint
  • Brush
  • Rug knife
  • Sand paper
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Transparent Nail polish (optional)

One of the things I found helped with air dry clay projects was to draw or at least have a plan in advance. So, I drew – given that my drawing skills are fairly limited – the monstera leaf I wanted my keychain looked like. I actually took inspiration from my (unfortunately fake) monstera leaves.

After that I took a bit of clay and made it flat, since I was working with a small piece I did it with the palm of my hands. At this point it’s good to keep in mind that, since this is going to be a key chain you want it to be fairly durable, so keep your clay piece somewhat thick. And remember that air dry clay tends to shrink a bit when it dries.

Use a rug knife to cut out the leaf from the clay. Don’t worry about the rough edges for now, but do not forget to make a hole in the cut-out. Let it dry for a couple of hours in the sun or for one day inside. After it’s dry it’s time to soften up the edges. Use the sandpaper to work out the kinks of the clay to make it softer. Blow out the dust from all the sandpapering before painting, otherwise the paint will not stick.

Now after all that is done, you are going in for the paint-job. Choose your kind of green, you can even use different shades, and start painting, do one side at a time and wait until it’s dry to turn it around. Now it’s that time that I tell you that you can be creative and try out whatever you want, maybe do a thin line of golden around the leaf? Your choice, entirely.

Now just go get that new house key, or old house key, or any other key, carefully loop the keychain ring into the leaf and the key and there you go! A new keychain for you, or someone else!