What limits us is not the place where we live, the context in which we grew up, our knowledge or our physical form. What limits us is FEAR. I’ve come to understand, as I’m gaining wings and battling and losing my fear, that fear has always been my greatest enemy. Fear of what people might think of me, fear of failure, fear of not having enough money or success, fear of ridicule, fear of (over)exposing myself, fear of admitting my faults and my frailties. Fear of not knowing enough and being dull and uninteresting, fear of taking risks, fear of fear.

And it’s like this with everyone, I believe, for both those of us who have a lot or just a little bit of fear. I watch lives around me ruled by fear, decisions that are not taken out of fear, words that are not said out of fear and life goes on, without us being aware of how to be able to control this fear we all feel.

I know we have to accept that fear exists and is a part of this world – part of us – and that in some way it makes us keep our feet on the ground, but I also know that fear cannot seize control of our lives. I don’t know if you believe in reincarnation, but even if we have other lives, the day of today, the person we are today, the present, belongs to this life. It’s ours. And we should stick to it every day. We must break the barriers of fear and dare to live longer. Take the decisions that everyone believes to be wrong and that we know in our heart are the right ones. Chase after our dreams and make possible the impossible.

Believe me, it takes a lot more work to live without fear – it’s harder. But, otherwise we are not even living, we are only being led by life.

Are you ready to live?


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