Yes, that’s right. I am now officially 30. The big three-O. When I was a child I thought, grown-ups looked so serious, had lost the sparkle in their eyes and were so boring. At dinner parties, I tried hard to play with them, have a conversation and succeeded with some, failed with others. I swore I would never be a boring grown-up. So far, I believe I have succeeded by living by the following rules. They are my so-called rules of life, which I learned in the past 10 years.

It’s up to you if you want to follow them or not. My advice is that you should read them, have a laugh and keep on reading other interesting articles. Or just make them your mantras.

Here are 5 really good things I want you to know, as they can change your life:

– Never EVER compromise on toilet paper. No matter how low your budget is, do not buy the cheapest toilet paper. I don’t wish to go into any detail, but you might feel very confident when you walk out of the supermarket with that low or medium range toilet paper under your arm and the bag with pasta, tuna and tomato sauce. You will regret you bought that toilet paper (yes, even the medium range one) as soon as you’ve tried it. Trust me on this one. You will thank me. Yes, you will.

– If things don’t go your way (you didn’t get that flat, that job, things didn’t work out with that girl/guy) that only means something better is coming up. It is so easy to focus on the thing you didn’t get. You feel the world is unfair, talk it over and over again with your family and friends, but for a moment, try to see it from another perspective. Move on and before you know it you will find a job that suits you better, a flat that is just what you are looking for and a better half that is the best person you’ve ever met. The thing or person you didn’t get were not meant for you, something or someone better are just around the corner.

Never make bucket lists or google other people’s bucket lists, they will only stress you out. Should you go camping even though you hate it? Should you swim with dolphins even though you hate swimming? Should you travel around the world alone even though you love where you live and want to stay close to your family and friends? Just because other people have those goals, doesn’t mean you should have them too. Everyone is different. Maybe you will feel fulfilled by reading a bunch of books, watching tons of movies, dedicate yourself to new sports. Make a list of things that you love and that give you pleasure and just do them every day. Read one chapter of a book, dedicate an hour every other day to work out and the other days to watching movies. So much easier than a bucket list!

– Always expect people acting in good faith and never think a possible negative reaction has anything to do with you. It has only to do with them. It is their emotional reaction to whatever is happening. It is their choice how to react, not yours. What you expect is what you get, because the way you act and react towards others influences their behaviour and the behaviour of the people they interact with. Therefore, don’t lose faith in your next-door neighbour, your colleague, your friends, your family and in humankind in general.

Stop stressing out. You’re late, so what? There’s nothing you actually can do about it. You know what happens when you’re late? People say, it’s fine. It really doesn’t matter. You don’t need to worry. You get to where you should have arrived 10-15 minutes ago and you’re the only one upset because you where late. Everybody else is minding their own business. Then you get upset with yourself because you stressed out when you really shouldn’t have to. Other times, the people you are meeting with are also running late or you actually didn’t need to show up that early. So, lesson learned, breathe in and breath out. It is not the end of the world.

Have you managed to live by these rules? Then, welcome to the 30’s!