Next Saturday, May 13, A MONTRA / THE WINDOW is to be present in the LPN garden, next to the Monsanto Forest Park, at 11:30 AM, to talk about ‘Life Without Waste’.

The invitation for this talk on how to reduce individual waste and contribute to the collective awareness on this issue arise due to the ‘Open Day- Live the Nature‘, an initiative proposed by LPN – the League for Nature Protection in partnership with the Association ‘Cabelos Brancos’.

The event will count with a series of intergenerational activities – workshops, conversations and performances – that seek to awaken the sense of belonging with Nature, to value the role of the human being as a key part of it and to call for an awareness and intervention by all of us in order to know and preserve the natural environment that surround us.

Besides MW, our network illustrator, Elsa Poderosa will also be attending the event at 16:30 for an illustration workshop and a natural hunting treasure ‘Of what nature are you made of?’. You’ll also be able to learn on how to build a herbarium with Rosa da Costa or a mini-garden with Mini Mô Gardens.

Open Day is of free admission. However, the number of participants is limited. To register and reserve your place, send your name and date of birth to or call 21 778 0097.

Come live the Nature! We count on you!

League for the Protection of Nature

LPN is an environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO). Founded in 1948, it is the oldest environmental protection association in the Iberian Peninsula. The LPN is a member of The Universal Conservation Union (IUCN), the European Environment Bureau (EEB), the Iberian Council for the Defense of Nature (CIDN), among others. It’s engaged to the conservation of nature and the protection of the environment, with a view to sustainable development, which ensures the quality of life for present and future generations.

Association ‘Cabelos Brancos’

The Association ‘Cabelos Brancos’ appeared at the hands of two volunteer friends, Ana Caçapo and Luísa Pinheiro. Both share a peculiar and sensitive perspective on the issues of aging in today’s society. The association purpose is to combat stereotypes and stigma, raise awareness of younger generations to prepare them to a positive old age and to reflect on creative solutions such as alternative ones to current models of support for the elderly.

Open Day – Live the Nature

Adress: Estrada do Calhariz de Benfica, nº 187, 1500-124 Lisboa, Portugal

Contact: (+351) 21 778 0097 |


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