On May 13th at 4 PM, ALGUIDAR, our network’s selected brand of knitted homeware, will open doors to its new workshop and showroom. It is located in the historic centre of Covilhã, the city that since the 12th century stands out for its textile industry, that is still currently consider the centre of national production and weaving of wool, and that became part of The Wool Route.

In this very welcoming space, ALGUIDAR will present its work, history and inspiration in two ways – in a space dedicated to its MAKER everyday creative work, where you can take the time to know how the manufacturing process of its amazing products unfolds, and in an exhibition dedicated area, where you’ll be able to find all the new arrivals first hand.

Because of its location, the atmosphere surrounding the new workspace and showroom is influenced by the modern intervention of urban art and by the tradition of the artisanal manufacture of wool and other fabrics.

ALGUIDAR was born by the hands of Rui Lopes, who learnt how to knit in early childhood, helping is mother with her creative work. His passion for knitwear led him to graduate in Textile Design and now, with the help of Liliana Ribeiro – his partner in life too! – his knitting project has been growing.

“Everything starts in the thread”, says Rui, passionate about Portuguese yarns, textiles and fabrics.

His products are valued by the use of natural and national raw materials, mostly wool or cotton, and by the practice of traditional handcrafting processes. The thread is turned into wonderful homeware products in a manual loom, where every detail counts, giving the brand’s products a unique interpretation and importance.

Similar to a basin’s purpose (a literal translation of the brand’s name), ALGUIDAR carries within numerous elements that complement the creation of exclusive products with a contemporary design, as it absorbs inspiration from everything it can fit inside its concept, from tradition to innovation, from people to music.

Visit the workshop and showroom to feel and take home some of this creative magic.

Here are some directions for your comfort:

ALGUIDAR’s Workshop & Showroom

Rua de Olivença, 46

6200-156 – Covilhã



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