Next weekend our network illustrator, Elsa Poderosa will attend the Festival A Porta (The Door Festival), in Leiria. The festival dedicates itself to culture and conviviality so, hopefully you’ll be able to feel the magic that Poderosa will spread throughout the city.

in “(com)domínio”, illustration by Elsa Poderosa

In Casa Plástica you will find (com)domínio, an installation by Elsa that intends to bring a reflection on the force of Nature and its power to dominate the space when humanity is absent. During the weekend, when walking by the Latino Coelho Street, you’ll be happily surprised by Elsa Poderosa painting a mural.

in “Vamos construir uma cidade?”, illustration by Elsa Poderosa

Unless it’s Saturday, between 3pm and 5pm, when Poderosa will be leading a workshop specially prepared for the little ones. “Vamos construir uma cidade?”, which can be roughly translated to “Let’s build a city”, will make the participants ask themselves what would be the city of your dreams? Would it have a thousand pools or a desert in the middle? What if the town was just a giant house with all the other houses in it?

Let yourself be carried away by Elsa’s imagination and come visit her at A Porta!


For the third time, Leiria is stage for the Festival A Porta, organized by Meia Dúzia e Meia de Gatos Pingados, a collective of artists and professionals who are concerned with creating a cultural symbiosis in the city. From one end to the other, the city will be plunged in a mix of visual arts, cinema, creative workshops, music, markets and parties for all ages and purposes.


A Porta will open tomorrow, May 30th, at 8pm with two thematic dinners in private homes: a Cuban and a French one. The dinners will be accompanied, respectively, by the performances of Buena Vida Antisocial Club and Sheriff Papaya. On the 31st, you’ll find yourself on a journey through the palates of Greece and Malta to the sound of Obaa Sima and FOAM.

The plan activity for June 1st and 2nd will stand out by its music. On Thursday, Sean Riley & the Slow Riders, in partnership with Fade In (the cultural association that is behind the Entremuralhas Festival), will make history in the city by playing an exclusive concert for 300 people at Villa Portela, an eighteenth century villa which will open the doors to receive the band during the festival. Tickets cost 10€ and you can buy them at Alquimia Store, Arquivo-Bens Culturais, Lda, Praça Cafèe and at Ao Largo Restaurant. On Friday, at 10:30pm, Luís de Camões garden will be the stage of three performances by Them Flying Monkeys, Stone Dead and the Israeli band Ouzo Bazooka.

If you can only make it a one day trip, I would suggest Saturday. Day 3 will be the key day of Festival A Porta, with a schedule that will make you crazy. From 10am to 2am, the festival will take place at Barão Viamonte Street, better known to the locals as Rua Direita, one of the main commercial arteries of the city. The programme includes workshops proposed by Inpulsar – Association for Community Development – some directed at children, with the iniciative A Portinha – short films curated by shortcutz Lisboa and Leiria Film Fest, theater, table games, dance, mural paintings and even a door to China. Casa Plástica will be inaugurated the same day with an interdisciplinary exhibition inspired by the Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. The Feira Bandida and Feira Independente markets will give space for the sale of second-hand articles and author editions. Musically speaking, A Porta will also feature names like Lavoisier, The Twist Connection, Galgo, The Poppers, among others on countless stages.

On Sunday, the last day of this wonderful festival, Parque do Avião will be the centre of all attentions, with a series of workshops and games for children, skateboarding championships, picnics, boat trips, hikes, markets and even a live program radio were the label Omnichord Records will present 2 por 3 and Jerónimo.

As you can see Leiria is on top! Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most eclectic festivals in the country! And, if you want to participate in the workshops or be part of the Feira Bandida, sign up at

A Porta waits for you!

Festival A PORTA


Directions:  Download the Find Eye Leiria app and stay on the route of Festival A Porta.


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