Saint Clair – D1 E.P.

Do you need a warm hug? Close your eyes and listen to the depth of Emma Topolski’s (aka Saint Clair) voice. Her debut EP D1 is all the soul comforting you’ll ever need. This record depicts an emotive journey soulfully sung by one of the best vocals 2017 has presented us yet.

Joe Hicks – Talk to Me E.P.

Continuing the E.P. flow, our next best record of May is Joe Hicks’s Talk to Me E.P. And do you know what? Joe Hicks feels loved. And it shows. And we want to have whatever he’s having. Talk to Me marks his first advance after his debut EP Best Clothes, and really transmits his inspiration from names like John Mayer and Paul Simon.

POWERS – Closer

If by now you’re still not familiar with POWERS, you must be living in a different world. This duo has taken the indie pop world by surprise with explosive single after explosive single. Closer is an entertaining, easy-listening, fast cadenced, and super enjoyable song. Mixes a bit of a electronic-folk drums, opening the perfect room for Mike Del Rio voice to fit right in. Being one of the main men behind The Chainsmokers and Kylie Minogue, it is not surprising how good Closer sounds.

Cailin Russo – Hierarchy

Hierarchy is another solid and engaging song from the surprising American singer Cailin Russo. This is a remarkable ode to not giving a damn about hierarchies or obeying to rules. And her everything but ordinary voice guides the song to a very special place. And what makes Hierarchy even a greater track, is the way it is so easy to listen, and it’s longevity in terms of ear digestion.

Farr – Blades

Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable vocals and one of the most cinematic singles of May. FARR are Linden Jay and Roméo and they mix electronic with R&B and Pop, in way we are immediately hooked. Their second single Blades is not only a monster of a song, but also blows us away in the way only a complex and ever changing song can.

Two Feet – Love is a Bitch // Had Some Drinks

After his huge debut EP First Steps, which we believe to be not only one of 2016’s first semester ten best New Secrets but also THE BEST EP OF 2016. Two Feet threw on our way two brand new singles that are absolutely everything we’ve been hoping for. Pure genius musicality and guitar skills are on display on both singles, and we can’t recommend them more.

Ryan Egan – Easy to Lose

Ryan Egan is a indietronica singer-songwriter that produces his own music. Easy to Lose is, according to the artist, a clear reflection of the sound [he’s] been chasing forever. The cool and -again- mysterious aura and the perfect darkish vocals take our minds to a different place, somewhere quite easy to get lost. This might be the most mature version of Ryan Egan so far and we are 100% into it.

Violet Days – I’m A Dreamer

I’m a Dreamer was probably the popish song of the month, and the latest song from Violet Days has been on our heads since it was released. The choir creates such a build-up, and the instrumentals are all the crescendo we need. And that twist right in the end, just wow.

Laurel Laxxes ft. Angie Hudson – Polar Eyes

Polar Eyes is a collaboration between Laurel Laxxes and Angie Hudson that took us by surprise. Not only because of the combination of styles, with the “broody guitar” and the “synth patches” being perfectly merged with Angie’s indie, pure, dark and sultry vocal tone. But mainly because of the perfect awkwardness in it. Oh, and it’s addictive too.

DIICE – Do Wrong

DIICE second ever single comes one year after the first, but don’t let it fool you, Do Wrong is a masterpiece in terms of subtleness and richness. A song that always sound hypnotic and melodic with a constant mysterious mix between soul and pop, and a chorus to die for… DIICE cannot do wrong.

See you next month!

WtMM team.