Reading is kind of a therapy for me. It’s a way to escape the unpleasantries of my reality. Because life is not always easy, I read. I like to get lost in different stories and take pleasure in noticing the subtleties of the writing. I have fun with fantasy books but also love a good historical romance. What about you?

You might be asking what does a DIY project have to do with reading? Well every book needs a bookmark and I’m going to teach you how to make one in five minutes with only one material and one tool. Curious?

Let’s get to it. The list today is very short, all you are going to need is:

  • Wool
  • Scissors
  • A large fork

That’s it, I promise. No big secrets in a simple and fast project. First things first, let’s pick a color. If you have some stings if wool lying around that you want to upcycle, this is your chance. That’s exactly what I did. I had some bits of thread just lying around, leftovers from some other projects. I hate leftovers, so I took upon myself to upcycle those loose bits of wool.

For this fun and fuzzy bookmark, we are going to start by creating a pom-pom. So start by rolling your threads around the fork tips and make it like a pillow. The more wool you roll, the thicker your pom-pom is going to be. So go ahead and do what feels right for you.

Once you are satisfied with the amount and colors of the wool you’ve rolled around the fork, choose one long thread to use as a bookmark – that’s also going to be the thread that is going to tie up the pom pom and secure it as a tip for the bookmark. So the tricky part about creating these funny balls of wool is this one: thread the wool through the middle of the fork tips and tie it tight across the wool you have already rolled.

Like this:

Sometimes it’s easier to tie it tighter once the wool is out of the fork, so if you want, slide it carefully out of the fork and tie it then. That’s usually what I do: after I thread the one that it’s going to be used to tie everything up, I slide the pom-pom-to-be out and tie it then.

Now, after you have tied your bundle of wool comes the fun part: to cut and trim your pom-pom. So, holding the “waist” of your bundle, where you tied it, cut the loops on both sides and watch it unravel. Be careful not to cut the string that is holding your pom-pom together. Now, your ball of wool is not going to look like a ball just yet. You have to shape it into it by cutting long tips and trimming it around. Do it as much as you like, just go around and cut small tips as you like. Once you have a ball you are happy with, measure the long thread hanging from it and see how long is going to be enough to be in a book. Then cut the excess and if you want tie a little knot in the end so that the bookmark doesn’t slide off so easily.

My hands are utterly restless when I read, so having these as bookmarks gives me something to fiddle with while I read. If you have the same problem, I suggest you try it! I hope you had fun doing this one and happy readings, everyone.