Throughout the last year, A MONTRA / THE WINDOW has become an advocate for the minimalist and no waste lifestyle, having hosted several events and taken part in a bunch more.

Today marks the beginning of a new path for this adventure, from now on A MONTRA / THE WINDOW will be presenting several different NO WASTE TALKS focused on different themes, from no waste vacations, to no waste celebrations, touching a little of everything in between.

If you want to check out what is going to happen in the near future take a look at our new Events’ Calendar. And if you want to host our co-founder Joana Tadeu – aspiring minimalist and storyteller – for a NO WASTE TALK, send an email to

No waste vacations

At Academia Organii by Organii Bio, Joana will be giving some tips on how to enjoy your vacations to the fullest and put aside the unnecessary expenses and logistics, all while aiming for a higher quality time spent with those who matter and enjoying the important things in life.

Focusing on no waste and no junk Joana will challenge everyone to opt for more environmentally and socially responsible vacations. Will you take her up on it?

To know more check out the Facebook Event or the brand new MW’s Event Page.

No waste pregnancy & motherhood

This time around Joana will be talking about how she has been personally facing a new challenge as she is soon to be a new mother. Also at Academia Organii by Organii Bio, she will be talking about how minimalist and no waste the last 8 months have been, how she tackled all the challenges that came up and how she is planning her future with a baby girl.

Listen to all her tips and tricks on how to live a happier, decluttered and higher quality life, with less stuff, waste and expenses.

To know more check out the Facebook Event or the brand new MW’s Event Page.