Once again I’m here to give you an idea to upcycle something. But before I get into it, I just want to clarify the difference between recycle and upcycle, mostly because I use both terms, but I’m starting to understand that I should be using the new word for the big majority of my projects.

So you know the basics of the concept of recycling, right? You transform a material in order to be used as something else and by doing so you save the original material, for instance: you recycle paper in order to save trees. As it turns out, to upcycle something means to reuse a material without transforming its composition. So when you recycle a plastic bottle it is often transformed into something other than a container for edible ingredients, like a carpet or a part for something else. But when you upcycle a plastic bottle you are giving it a new use without the object ever giving up its existence as a bottle. It’s pretty simple once you think about it!

So here we are with another project to upcycle something! Today we are using a wooden part from an wine box. I could’ve looked and bought a new piece of wood and the project would be much more perfect and clean, but you know what? I love the rustic feeling, so I went for it!

What are we doing? A decor piece that looks gorgeous in your house entrance lobby, kitchen and so on. This is an idea that I’ve seen before somewhere on Pinterest and so on, but the original project uses new wood, new nails and plastic flowers. I basically reused – or rather upcycled – most of the materials and decided to pic a natural flower instead. You know, me and nature!

Here’s what you are going to need:

  • Wood piece (any size you want, really!)
  • Small nails (a bunch of them, I used 24)
  • Cotton thread
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Flower
  • Pencil

Ok, so after you’ve chosen your piece of wood, draw the shape of a vase in it. I winged it completely and I’m not the best at drawing free hand! But since it’s a rather simple shape, it worked just fine for me. It’s good if you choose your type of vase according to the size of your wood piece. I did a longer design to fit my piece.

After your trace is done, it’s time to put in some nails! If you are like me and your fingers get hurt every time you have to nail something, I’ve got a valuable tip for you: use a clothespin to secure the nail and bang it freely. No fingers hurt! Don’t worry if your nails are not  perfectly aligned or if they are slightly inclined to the sides, it won’t show that much. You can have more nails with less space in between if you want a more perfect design, otherwise you can leave 1,5 to 2 cm in between each nail.

Is every nail in place? Great, let’s weave in the thread. It’s no rocket science, just do a roll on each nail and keep going. If you want a slim design doing from the inside and if you want a fuller aesthetic, roll them from the outside of the nails. Tie a simple knot on the first nail and the last. I did two weaves, but you can get away with only one e if you are feeling lazy.

Only the flower is missing! No advice here, I chose from the garden, not hurting the plant. You can choose whatever type you want or like. If – like me – you are not a fan of plastic flowers, one day I might teach you how to make paper ones. I hope you liked it!