Alexander Search – A Day of Sun

Sensibility and taste, that’s all you get from Alexander Search “an English-speaking band originating from South Africa but currently based in Portugal. They have obvious jazz influences mixing it up with indie-pop, post-rock and gentle electronic bits. In the first song they released entitled A Day of Sun, everything is overwhelming. From the simplicity in lyrics and voice to the false simplicity in the composition. Always sounding gentle, tasteful and full of hidden meanings. A indie ballad to the soul, and a song to help us reflect. Oh, and yes there is a strong relation between this and the Eurovision Song Contest winner.

Terence Ryan – To Live and Die in New England

Terence Ryan, just released the first advance of his debut album Don’t Panic, and we are once again mesmerised. The song is an homage to New England, which comes from the emotional side of Terence. To Live and Die in New England is a modern soft rock song, which simplicity conquers everything.Unmissable.

Denai Moore feat Kwabs – All The Way

In the eminence of Denai Moore‘s album release (We Used to Bloom), she presented the world her collaboration with KWABS. All The Way. The dichotomy, both contrast and complementary, of male/female, soft/deep vocals had us weak at our knees. There’s a gospel choir in the back joining in in key moments of the song that makes it so special, giving the deepest depth to the lyrics. If we considering this is a song about not being too hard on ourselves… well enough said.

Jordan Rakei – Sorceress

Having dropped his debut album CLOAK about a year ago, Jordan Rakei returned with the soul-ish Sorceress. The muted electronics and the constant drums make the song carry on as Jordan gets to hypnotize us with his vocals. The repetition of the word “sorceress” is so involving that you feel under a spell, absolutely under the control of what’s going through your ears.

Meadowlark – Body Lose

Every time Meadowlark release a new song they manage to tenderly surprise us. Body Lose is another single taken out in advance for Postcards (just released), but is above all a beautiful melodic song where everything sounds like an hug to the soul. Built around the insanely tender vocals of Kate McGill, the chorus is among the most additive and beautiful things we heard all year. Body Lose destiles good taste, sensitivity and everything that turns music into love.


WIINSTON are a Danish duo packed with electronic, RnB and provocateur vibes. Mio, their second ever single is all about provoking sexual feelings through music. The song mixes electronic elements with a solid vocal that goes in and out of a simply genius hiphop cadence. While the female vocals gives the track that extra sensual edge, the chorus sticks inside our heads like an intimal desire for something else. And the electronic guitar finishes it off, in abs0lute brilliance.

NoMBe – Do Whatchu Want To Me

NoMBe is without doubt one of the most prolific revelations of the year. And his last release is just another confirmation. Filled with Summer vibes and with a proper video filmed in Hawaii, Do Whatchu Want To Me, ticks every box in our likings. Gentle compositions coming from the past decades, with a phosphorescent electric guitar, and NoMBe eclectic vocals. And not only everything sounds like Summer, but we can even feel ourselves diving in the water. A banger.

Ghostpoet – Trouble + Me

Ghostpoet is back and he’s taking an interesting direction. Trouble + Me is a ballad driven by solemn guitar chords that illuminate the nebulous and personal character that surrounds the song composition. The track keeps the spotlight centered on his vocals but the novelty is in the guitar and the way it, although subtle, finds its way to be indispensable.

Elkkle – Diderot

Unusual? For sure. Strange? Yes. Good? Definitely, very good. Melbourne based Elkkle, gave the World a very rare effort entitled Diderot. What begins with some high quality pop-rock vocals, and a very unusual video, rapidly evolves into a multitude of depths. The vocals turn into a sort of unusual-rythmic rap (Drake, are you there?). There are several almost bipolar and schizophrenic song variations which are a pure phenomenon to our ears. And the more we hear it, the more addicted we get.

Shoffy – Motions

With the beginning of July, the air is smelling Summer more than ever. What do we need? Some good indie beachy folk. And Shoffy got our back. Motions is their latest release and it feels paradise to us. The back vocals, the subtle electronics, the lightweight vibe. We can definitely see this song playing in every speaker available. All Summer long.