Next Saturday, July 15, the co-founder of A MONTRA / THE WINDOW Joana Tadeu, is to be present at the event Zero Waste // Biovilla for a conversation with Ana Milhazes Martins, author of the Blog Ana, Go Slowly at 3 PM, to tell you all about a lifestyle without waste.

The invitation for this talk about on how to reduce individual waste and contribute to the collective awareness on this issue arise due to ‘Zero Waste // Biovilla, a day dedicated to sustainability’, an initiative proposed by the Zero Waste Portugal Movement in partnership with Biovilla Sustentabilidade.

For the first time, an event is created with the purpose of warn people about the importance of sustainability and ecological conscience in a convivial meeting where the participants and visitors are invited to share and exchange ideas on how to reduce waste and to how to be part of a more sustainable planet.

The event will count with a series of sustainable activities for all ages and purposes:

  • Sustainable Market with the presence of about two dozen national, regional and local producers who promote the adoption of consumer habits that protect and value the environment. Cosmetic items, clothing and accessories are some of the numerous offers available.
  • Street food area dedicated to Vegan food.
  • Presentation of the book Re-Use with the author herself  – Zélia Évora and a special demonstration on how to upcycle.
  • Workshops.
  • Pedagogic talks.
  • Showcooking/Masterclass with Inês David, the author behind Como assim Vegan?
  • ‘Repair Café’, where participants will be able to learn and teach how to repair, restore, recover and reuse the diverse objects that surround us.

In the organization words, awareness and environmental appreciation are the only requirements for the presence of ideas, articles and products on this day, leaving room for creativity and ingenuity of the merchants”. Their mission is to combat unbridled consumption and to advert that it is still possible to reverse the evil that the we are doing to our planet. In this event, the public will be encouraged to join the ‘zero waste’ movement by taking their own reusable bottles /cups, fabric napkins and for the grocery shopping, reusable bags.

The entry to the ‘Zero Waste // Biovilla Market’ will take place between from midday to 6 PM and it is of free donation. All workshops are free.


Join us and let’s enjoy a sustainable planet together!

Zero Waste Portugal Movement

The Zero Waste Portugal Movement is a community of mutual support, inspired by Bea Johnson’s “zero waste” lifestyle, that believes the substantial changes lies in the small steps that each one of us does at home. Therefore, it is a group of sharing, exchanging an unconditional support for a greater cause: a more sustainable world!


Created in 2010, Biovilla aims to be the brand in Portugal where the concept of sustainability is fully implemented, that is, where environmental, social and economic values and ideals interrelate in consistent, self-sufficient and efficient way. Consequently, it consists in a space for innovation, experimentation and unity for sustainability, seeking in unlimited human creativity solutions and alternatives to humanity’s greatest challenges today.


Here are some directions for your comfort:

No Waste // Biovilla Market

 Herdade de Pinhal Basto

Vale de Barris

2950-055 Palmela | (+351) 21 235 1224

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