From August 3rd to the 6th, the village of Monte Redondo (near Leiria), will host the 4th edition of Museum Festum – an eco-cultural festival that opens the doors to sustainable museology, cultural diversity, active citizenship and ecology. For four days, the Casal do Monte Redondo Museum will become a sharing space of artistic communion, cultural and ecological awareness.

Being one of the eighteen selected from the Sê-lo Verde Program – created by the Environmental Fund of the Ministry of the Environment -, that supports ecological measures at summer festivals, the Museum Festum, alongside some large festivals, such as NOS Alive and Paredes de Coura offers a number of ecological proposals that reflect in a real reduction of the ecological footprint, environmental awareness (according to the Waldorf and Montessori principles of education), support for artistic and cultural creation and promotion of local microeconomies. For the organization, these three dimensions of ecology are essential for the integral development of the human being and, therefore, for local development and sustainability.

Museum Festum

Pictures by Carolina Sepúlveda

Museum Festum is a project organized by the local community, institutions and companies that join forces to promote the Casal de Monte Redondo Museum, making the village an open area to culture and art, by promoting an intergenerational cultural dialogue.

One of the mottos of the festival focuses that culture is for everyone. In this sense, the Museum Festum presents itself with an itinerary that promotes cultural inclusion and aims to educate the community and the entities involved on the following issues: community and citizenship; environment and sustainability.

A space for meetings and reunions, friendship, cooperation, human and social dynamism, the Museum Festum is a community open to cultural participation.


Being an event connected to environmental, human and cultural ecology, the 4th edition of the festival will have a lively market that offers to support and promote local commerce. Individual and independent creation, as we all know, arises from an art of know-how. Respecting that principle, the Museum Festum believes that the live market is an excellent opportunity to understand the origin of new social dynamics and, therefore, to encourage micro-economies related to artistic, educational and social projects.

Emphasizing the need for new ways of reflection and human action, concerning the involvement of all of us and respecting the principle of community heterogeneity, the Museum Festum invites the ATL of the Parish Union of Monte Redondo and Carreia, the Social Centre of Nossa Senhora da Piedade e do Monte Redondo and Cercilei to, next friday, August 4th, participate in the festival through various joint activities.

Artistic residences are another example of one of the events that will take place in this festival. Artists will be challenged to create in the moment and their installations will be displayed. Due to its pedagogical essence and in order to foster the sharing of knowledge among participants and visitors, the Museum Festum will also be stage to talks between the participants, guests and public.

“For a week the participants will try out, design and create objects, spaces and environments for the community and ecological festival. The venue has all the conditions for a good dynamic between the participants and the surroundings, where they’ll camp and live during the four days.”

This creative camp that will put the Do It Yourself  philosophy into practice comes from the Exploratory Camp project, that unites VICARA to the Museum Festum, and aims to promote the popular arts of the land, construction and sustainable creation.

In the enclosure, there will be various ecological constructions that public will be able to contemplate, such as a multifunctional tree house (the portico of the entrance is made with reed and an ancestral weaving technique) and many other facilities that arise with the purpose to awake and inspire visitors to adopt new habits and move towards a more conscious and respectful lifestyle.

The festival entrance has a cost of 2,5€ daily and 5€, a pass that includes all four days.

Come live nature with all of us!

Here are some directions for your comfort:


Museum Festum

Rua da Bajouca, nº17

2425 – 617 Monte Redondo |

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