This Summer, from 17th to 20th August, it will take place in Crato, the first edition of Waking Life, an arts and music festival. The project is about creating a space where cooperation, freedom and creative expression are gathered in one place, to leverage arts and music.

Waking Life

To create such an atmosphere, Waking Life wants to write its story based on social and sustainable consciousness.

On the social aspect, the aim is to make the experience as inclusive and open as possible to everyone who wants to participate in the festival: from the ones to whom a festival experience is usually sealed, by financial or physical difficulties, to the ones who want to share their creative projects – everyone is invited to participate in this open stage.

Regarding environmental sustainability, Waking Life wants to reduce its ecological impact by respecting the site’s natural landscape and raising awareness towards the ecological context that surrounds all of us. This vision is then put into actions like a closed water circulation system for showering, which allows participants to not waste water, eco toilets and eco cups, portable ashtrays and solar energy supply for some areas of the festival. There are also other projects developed with the local community of Crato, such as developing a permaculture garden at the town’s local school.

This view is also amplified in the scope of the Festival by reusing everything that can be reused, creating installations built out of materials found on the streets or that people decide to give away. The emphasis on the importance of respecting nature’s pace is enhanced by serving exclusively (and really tasty!) vegetarian food and by paying close attention to the source of all products, trying to get as much local ingredients as possible.


As for the arts and music, the program is broad in performances, art installations, visual shows and many other activities. The music will be spread over 3 stages, two mainly focused in house and techno and the third one aggregating different genres such as folk, hip-hop or more experimental electronic music. One of the stages will be curated by Giegling, a label from Germany which has been pushing on its own unique way the electronic music further, and the other two by Waking Life in collaboration with Return, the party arm of Solid AM and the Portuguese label Shhupuma.

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