Yet another month has passed and here we are again! This time we bring you the best the month of August had to offer. Some great songwriter indie tunes, RnB infused indietronic singles and something else in between. Hopefully you’ll agree August was very generous to us!

Mullally – She Don’t Know Me

You may remember Mullally from his three singles released last year. This is an artist that came out of nowhere straight to our favourites list, so you can imagine our excitement when he announced the release of She Don’t Know Me. This is a dynamic track, fast-paced, and very much “cool” Sam Smith like. The dramatic sudden muffled synth-guitar-drum bams follow his speedy speech and the almost tribal rhythm makes this single a super danceable summer hit!

FØNX – Can’t Get Enough

We first introduced FØNX about a year ago with his debut single Hit Me Hard. On the 4th of August this year, he finally releases his second single. Can’t Get Enough (Of It) keeps the strong basis on the guitar (Black Keys like) pace, only dividing its honours with Corey pop-electrical vocals. In the way the whole ambiance is built around pop-drums and a surprising electric acoustic guitar, we can definitely see a FØNX indiepop pattern taking shape.

Yellow Days – Hurt In Love

Hurt In Love is another single taken from Yellow Days’s upcoming Is Everything OK In Your World? (this Autumn). This single is even stronger than his previous two songs (Terrified Of Your Own Mind and That Easy), and is a very complex song. Hard to categorize as a defined style, it mixes his overwhelmingly quirky and raw voice with a rock bass, banger drums and a constant indie piano overflow. When the guitar comes in, back in the emptiness of the track, it truly transports us to somewhere else. To add it up, the sort of experimental and mysterious ending of the track pushes it to a completely different indie limbo.

Siv Jakobsen – Berry & Whyte

As a proper anticipation to the release of her first ever full length (out now!) – Nordic Mellow -, on August 22nd Siv Jakobsen dropped another very special gem. Berry & Whyte was Siv’s third single, released in the beginning of August, and one that never left our inner-self since. A few days after, she put out an acoustic version of the song, live at Urchin Studios, and we fell in love (again). Siv Jakobsen speaks right to the heart, in a rare beauty and apparent frailness. Like sound just got a favorite voice.

Alex the Astronaut – Not Worth Hiding

Alex the Astronaut just released a song that should should be for all the masses. An obligatory message showcasing music power to change mentalities. Celebrating individuality and difference, Not Worth Hiding is a modern spoken-word meets singer-songwriter song with the potential to turn into a XXI century anthem. This is the first song off the EP See You Soon out 6th October.

Haux – Cologne

About two weeks ago, Haux unveiled a brand new stand alone single, Cologne. And we fell in love with it. The calm and assertive piano open the way to some hauntingly delicate vocals. These whispered vocals and the soothing indietronic vibe screams Vancouver Sleep Clinic. But the intensity of the lyrics put Haux worlds apart. “You traced your hands / Across my back / When you whispered / If time could only take us back” he sings as goosebumps flourish in our skin.

Mark Elliot – Summer Storm

Mark Elliott just released a song that makes a lot of sense to us here in Portugal. With Summer passing by fast, the weather is turning from warm to thunders and from thunders to cold. Summer Storm makes sense in that way, but also goes way beyond that. Written as a indie-pop song, it merges elements of RnB (sometimes sounding like Raleigh Ritchie) with indie drums and sounding bass. And it is also a good practice book about the proper way of ending toxic commitments.

Low Chimes – Sulphur Silk

Sulphur Silk is Low Chimes’s folkish rock and a constant exercise of tender and natural-feeling vocals from Marianne Parrish. The song is about floating around a Swedish lake or the metaphor between that and recalling life in its periods of solitude, anxiety and escapism. But all we can extract from it are abundant doses of calm and self-healing.

Baker Grace – Am I Talking To You?

Am I Talking To You? is the debut of 16 year old Baker Grace. This is a perfect balance between pop music and indie songwriter effort. With a crazy good-sounding voice (rasp, harmonic and edgy) – perhaps resembling Brika – and simple and addictive lyrics, she is supported just by the enough amount of an acoustic guitar. And there is nothing more she needs. What a debut!

Naaz – Can’t

Naaz has been establishing as one of our favourite pop voices of the year. Can’t is one of the spotlights of her upcoming EP and a song that we really believe will turn viral soon it hits the radios. Being a song about “things we want but we can’t have” it pushes further the boundaries between pop and indie music. Slowly played on the piano, this self-produced song, is a brutal showcase for Naaz quality vocals. Tenderly going up and down the notes, intercalating it with the lyrical meaning of the song, Can’t is again a statement of what she can do.


See you next month!