How is your relationship with crochet? To be honest, mine could be better. I’ve tried, I’ve made it but it’s not my strong suit.

But I do – as I probably mentioned before – come from a family with very talented women when it comes to tricot and crochet. So every now and then I get these pieces that are so beautifully made and I’m not always sure what to do with them.

I don’t know how well you know the portuguese culture, but the crochet “naprons” are a kitch piece of decor, usually put on top of the sofa, side tables and even on top of the TV. Everytime I get offered one of this pieces I smile and say thank you – meaning it, because I understand how unique they are because they were handcrafted with a lot of love. That’s precisely why I wanted to put them to good use. So this time I had an idea: let’s put it on the wall.

As it would be expected when it comes to my projects, half of the materials came from nature.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Crochet piece
  • Stick
  • Cotton thread
  • Pebbles (with holes drilled on them)
  • Needle

So let’s start with the crochet piece and the stick. You want to make it hang on the stick like a wall banner, so it helps if the crochet piece is either rectangular, square or triangular. But, truth be told, you can pull this off with any shape and size if you adapt the rest of your materials.

I started by putting together the crochet and the stick: I wrapped the top of the crochet piece around the stick and hand sew it together. Even I, not being the best with needles, could do it. Just do extra stitches if you are not sure it will hold.

At this point you have the project half-done. So now it’s time to add the pebbles. I used pebbles because they were useful to keep the crochet stretched and more beautiful, but you can use feathers, sticks, shells… I used pebbles that I picked but by the river. I love them and I was able to drill a hole in them, in order to hang them with the cotton thread. A trick: to keep the pebble color popping, you can use a polish coat. They will look like they were just taken out of the water! To hang them just make the cotton thread go through the holes and tie it twice to secure it.

The moment of truth: it’s time to hang it! Use the cotton thread and tie a double knot in both ends of the stick, making it hang at your desired height.

That’s it! It’s simple, makes your house look trendy and makes your grandmother/aunt/mom/cousin happy. I’m sure that will make you happy as well!