Inside us, right now, in this moment, resides the power to do things we never thought possible.

The biggest barriers to achieve what we dreamed of, the success we defined for our lives, are never other people or circumstances. Our biggest barriers are ourselves. Our belief in ourselves is the only thing that can really stop us from achieving the success we want for our lives.

Everything we do starts in our thoughts. However, what kick starts our thoughts are our beliefs on how we think we can do and how we think we should do it. These beliefs were created with time, many when we were children. Who here remembers believing that anything was possible when we were children? We wanted to be the president and an opera singer, at least I did! But we grew up, and even the limited beliefs of our parents, grandparents and teachers made our world of possibilities grow smaller.

It seems the only place where our dreams seem possible is in our own thoughts.

So I ask you, which beliefs are stopping you today? What would you do if they weren’t there?

If we think about the beliefs that are stopping us from doing something, the next step is to ask why are they blocking us? We can only change what we believe in if we start to think why we believe in them in the first place.

One of the biggest problems with the beliefs with have regarding ourselves is that we have a natural tendency to search for evidence to support them in our daily lives. If we believe we can’t do something, without noticing, we will always be avoiding situations in which we have to deal with that one thing. Therefore, the more we tell ourselves that we can’t or shouldn’t do something, the more impossible we make it.

What is happening is that our beliefss are diminishing the possible actions we can take to achieve what we want.

Moreover, there is a great way to collect more beliefs. It is called: What if… What if we put ourselves in the situation of someone who has already achieved what we thought impossible? What would we do different? What actions would we take?

Just thinking, what if… changes our way of thinking and acting.

To create a new lifestyle, we need to start with our beliefs. Our beliefs kick start our thoughts and our thoughts kick start our actions. Only you can really stop yourself.

 Inside us, right now, in this moment, resides the power to do things we never thought possible.

This power becomes available as soon as we understand that we can change our beliefs.


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