Hi everyone and happy Halloween preparations! (Too soon?) September has flown by and here are our top picks for the 9th month of 2017.

Mauwe – That’s All

Mauwe is the new dynamic-duo from Bristol who has just release its debut single. To us, this is only one share away to becoming a viral summer banger. And That’s All.

Tomara – Coffee and Toast

Tomara is the wondrous musical project of Filipe Monteiro, Lisbon-based guitar player and song composer, whom seems to enjoy composing rock songs with bits of melodramatic instruments and bags of sensibly-honest lyrics. The first advance of his debut album (to be released this month) is certainly among the most beautiful songs we heard this year. Coffee and Toast is of gentle composure and good taste. A song built from the basis of a beautiful piano melody softly articulated with brief drums and a Portuguese guitar.

Sam Vance-Law – Prettyboy

Sam Vance-Law is a Canadian who lived a lot of years in London and Paris before he settled in Berlin. Prettyboy is his debut single. It mixes all these influences in an honest song which brings us back some of The Smiths spirit. The song is mostly focused on a guitar and piano unexpected transition and Sam’s deep voice (and a not less surprising choir). But the main characteristic about might very well be the way it sounds strangely and overwhelmingly refreshing.

EMBERS – Until The Dawn

Ready to be overwhelmed? Six months after their comeback with Signs and Unbound, Embers strike again with Until The Dawn. The song was released with a raw live video at the Albert Hall in Manchester and has everything we need to empower your day. Picking up the typical Embers sound composed of strong guitars, drums and a cristal clear raw voice, this one goes way beyond that. The violins, trumpets and orchestra-like background gives it an overwhelming epic-rock wrap. So does the way the music transform from a an almost tender beginning to a complex indie-rock composition.

Pom Poko – You’ll Be Fine

Pom Poko is a Norwegian project formed less than a year ago and is a contender to being the surprise of the year. This is all because of their indie-rock grooves with edges of absurdity and unexpected turns You’ll Be Fine, their new song, seems to be inspired by everything we seem to remember (70’s, 80’s, 90’s) in terms of indie-rock songs, And above all, this is another very well composed song. A track built of genius ingenuity, and one that easily makes everyone jump around and feel fine. Considering the title of the song, that just makes the whole sense.

J. Atkinson – Some Chords

J. Atkinson is an Asheville, NC singer-songwriter whose comfort is on writing heart-felt song. His sonority stands right between the so-called Americana tradition and a delicate sort of Folk. Lyrically filled with distant hope, nostalgia and confessions, he resembles singers like Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan or Tallest Man on Earth. But is also in the simplicity we can find the magic in J. Atkinson. And this is the case with his new single Some Chords.

REFS – Fool

REFS are no strangers to us, as we introduced them when we talked about their previous release, the indietronic banger Spotlight. Now they return with Fool. Another masterful combination between indietronic simplistic but effective vibes produced by Zachary Lipkins, and the mesmerising vocals of Richard Saunders. Zachary says it is about “that two way street of being in a relationship, both sides of the coin, the with and the without“. We say this is super addictive both in terms of emotional delivery and instrumental sensuality. The layers of voice, intercalated by the sort of 80’s samples, sound both modern and nostalgic. And the track never, ever, drops its power.

MITO – Bom Rapaz

You may remember when Manuel Siqueira told us all about Kiev a couple of months ago. At that time, introduced him as part of Lotus Fever, but know he comes to us as half of a brand new duo: MITO. MITO (portuguese for “myth”) was formed by Manuel Siqueira and his old friend Pedro Zuzarte in 2017 and are debuting now with Bom Rapaz (portuguese for “Good Boy”). On the 25th of September, MITO released a single that shines through an electropop kaleidoscope into a contemporary fluid dance. Jaw dropping good.

Erik Sing feat. Isabella Fortuna – Leave You Alone

Erik Sing is a Melbourne based producer/songwriter which has just debuted his first ever track entitled Leave You Alone. This is a sort of pop meets electronic song which counts with the light-weight and pleasurable zen-vocals of Isabella Fortuna. The track which is also very radio-material was recorded in two hours, and makes for a very solid debut and ambitious introduction for the Australian producer.

Yellow Days – I Believe In Love

“Amazing, raw and intense vocals; blood chilling, relatable lyrics; soul and vulnerability for days” we said it once, we said it twice, we say it three times. Yellow Days just keeps on giving, single after single, month after month. I Believe In Love is another pop-esctasic song where his voice sounds weirdly magical, and where the whole package is strangely evolving and a no-brainer. Yes, we do believe in love like this.

See you next month!