Hi everyone and happy Halloween! As October is one of the scariest times of the months, we want to give you as much company as possible. That being said, this month’s playlist includes three (!!) EPs and a lot of contemplative singles. We feel this is a marvellous soundtrack for one of those days we need the world to breath us in, so we hope you enjoy this unwind and relax set! (Oh, and as we felt we couldn’t pick only 10 best tunes of October, this month you get one extra artist to discover! Happy Halloweening).

Mansionair – Astronaut (Something About Your Love)

Mansionair released Astronaut (Something About Your Love) less than a week ago. This track features all the things we love about Mansionair. The smooth vocals, the subtle percussion, the crescendo of sonority. And then the element of surprise after one minute and some seconds into the song. A powerhouse of energy oozes from the chorus into our headphones. This is a very different approach to electronic music compared to what we’ve heard from them before. But a very nice surprise as well.

MOLLY – Glimpse

MOLLY are a duo from Innsbruck, Austria, with a type of sound we can’t quite describe. We can talk about bands like Sigur Rós but even that comparison wouldn’t be spot on. The best way to introduce them may very well be the song they just released. Glimpse is the first advance of a 3-track long EP (to be released this winter), and is a complex song which mysterious beginning is only the tip of an enchanting iceberg.

Ella Grace – Here We Are Again

Ella Grace released in the beginning of October Here We Are Again, an ode to all those with – yet again – a broken heart. Ella is a singer-songwriter, indie folk meets soul influenced that creates intimist tunes that, although heard by thousands, always seem specially tailored to each individual. In Here We Are Again, Ella incorporated all throughout the track bird sounds recorded at the cottage she grew up in, making this track even greater and more personal than what it already was.

Alexander Biggs –Still You Sharpen Your Teeth (E.P.)

Melbourne’s own Alexander Biggs is a 23-year-old who produces emotional-melodic-philosophical songs that are also wonderful. Debuting two songs last year, he managed to stay as a secret pleasure of ours. That is, until the release of his debut EP this year. In this record, he sounds like the voice in our conscience, the times when we are truer to ourselves, and to our pros and cons, and feel great about it. That being said, Still You Sharpen Your Teeth is an obligatory EP. One we will treasure forever. Just like if we had written a poetry book. And these are the whys and hows:

Mae Muller – The Hoodie Song

Mae Muller debut is with The Hoddie Song, a track that has everything we need modern pop to have. Killer vocals that sound effortless, a collective chilled-back mix of guitars and drums, and a song that is always melodically provocative. She is waiting for someone she can’t get out of her head, a bit like the feeling we get when we reach the end of the track. So easy to press play again.

LOYAL – Lights Up For You

It’s 5 in 5 for LOYAL. There is no other way to put it. Since today, LOYAL is the most posted about band (and one of our first ever new secrets) at WtMM. And their latest song is another no-brainer. Lights Up For You mixes electronic almost house, with those distinctive vocals and huge amounts of immersive energy. From start to end, a shower, a song to listen to while driving, dancing, and dreaming.

Jolé – Seldom Seen

Jolé, aka Josh Oliver, started his career around one year ago. He describes himself as a writer and composer of Lo-Fi Pop songs, and released two beautiful tracks to back it up. Seldom Seen talks about being invisible, or at least not being as visible as one would like to, but it echoes calm and security in a sort of melancholic rendition that makes us feel good. Clutter builds on the same feelings as Seldom Seen. But for us it goes beyond it in terms of geniality and how good simplicity can sound. In this one Jolé reminds bits of Simon & Garfunkel with bits of Nick Drake. And yeah, we know that’s a heck of a comparison. We can’t help to feel this is a marvellous soundtrack for one those days when we need the world to breath us in.

Magnets – Perpetual Motion (EP)

We first introduced Magnets about 6 months ago with the release of Lonely and described it as a “bittersweet voice singing powerfully and sharp and then going softly and quite angelical on the chorus”. Now, and struggling with hearing problems, she still managed to put out a brilliant EP. Dear and Fight are two of the new tracks. Dear is of the purest indie-pop with bits of a rock guitar and an almost uncontrolled vibe of tender rasp vocals. Fight is slower and deeper, sometimes experimental, but always true and intense. Adding to these, Liquor and Somewhere , make of Perpetual Motion, an obligatory EP.

Jasper Sloan Yip – In the Living Room

Jasper Sloan Yip latest single, and advance for his third album (Post Meridien), is the ideal song for a nice Friday. But by saying that we are also understating how good In the Living Room sounds. This is one of those songs that sounds simple, current and familiar. A song to find comfort in. And one that somehow brings back a lot of the influences we listened while growing up. Blending folk, rock and pop, the more we listen to this, the more we acknowledge how ambitious it really is. Come on, just hear that string section cruising the melody.

Roo Panes – A Message to Myself

It has been awhile since we heard from one of our ever favourite singers, but Roo Panes is back. And what a song he brung along. A Message to Myself seems to be a song about being secure about ourselves. About trying to find a meaning in life and understanding we are it. But is also so much more than that. With obvious marks of Mt. Wolf production, and Roo Panes distinctive voice this is an utterly beautiful track that should be enough to proclaim music as the ultimate wonder.

See you next month!