We all know that Christmas is the time of sharing, of family, of love, but also of enormous consumerism. It’s not because it’s Christmas that you should leave behind environmental concerns.

Today I bring you some tips for a green and more loving Christmas.

  • Offer your friend an experience instead of an object. Like seeing a play, a vegetarian cooking workshop, a massage.
  • Give your gifts to an institution. Establish the value you would like to donate (or you would spend on gifts for friends and family) and offer them to an institution of your choice. Explain to your family and friends why they didn’t have presents this Christmas, but how they’ve helped someone.
  • Offer your time to your family or friends. After all, what is more precious than time? Help a friend moving to a new house or making a logo for his company.
  • If purchasing gifts, opt for ethical ones and preferably from national brands. Christmas is a huge growth opportunity for small businesses. Remember that every choice you make is a small vote and that vote helps the economy to grow.
  • Avoid plastic and overelaborating wrapping presents. Use materials you have at home to wrap your gifts. There’s no better way to be sustainable as of using the resources you have at hand.
  • Make gift exchange between friends and family. Promote this idea to avoid buying brand new gifts. If you don’t use your blender, why don’t you offer it to a friend who’s crazy about green juices?

So, these are some easy ideas you can implement this Christmas.

For a Green Christmas!


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