Christmas and New Years’ have pass and I’m sure you took some nice pics! So you are going to need a brand-new upcycled picture frame, right?

Today’s project is going to be made to upcycle some old computer parts into… a picture frame. If you or your parents have an old computer forgotten in the basement or in the garage, this is the time to put it out of its misery and use the parts you want as a memory.

Those big deep monitors can even be used as cat’s houses – my mom did this and the feline part of the family loves it!

But for this we are going to use the keyboard keys. In order to make this even more ecological you can even upcycle an old frame to do this project.

Here’s what you are going to need:

  • Rug knife
  • Candle
  • Cutting board
  • Keyboard keys
  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • Picture frame (a used one is great)

First off, start by deciding how many rows of keyboards keys are you going to put around your frame. I went for two because my frame was quite big and it looked better. It also allowed me to play with the selection of keys I had: for instance, I used the enter key for the corner and it looked quite cool.

So the selecting is possibly the most fun, try to select keys that look somewhat the same if you have different keyboard keys (I have several types since I got some old keyboards from my workplace). After selecting the ones I was going to use, I had to cut the extra support they had in order to make them flat to the frame. This is the boring and dangerous part: be careful. I used the flame of a candle to warm the rug knife tip and then cut through the keys much more easily. Some of them did not need that, the were either easily breakable or easy to cut.

Before cutting I suggest you place the frame in a way that it stays flat and leveled and place  the keys as you would like them to be. Then start gluing from one corner in. This ways, it’s easier to predict the end result and avoid that the sides get uneven. In the end, make sure to clean off all the glue threads that you might have created along the process.

I did two versions to offer as Christmas gifts, one with a black keyboard and another with the classical beige ones. If you are making this for yourself, now is the time to choose one of those cool pictures that you’ve taken during Christmas or New Years’ Eve and put in the frame. Enjoy!